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Alameda - One of the Bay Area's best kept secrets

Posted by Bruce Wagg on Friday, January 9th, 2009 at 8:00pm.

When I first came to Alameda, I was charmed by its home town appeal unlike so many large cities in the Bay Area.  Much of it seemed to be part of an old movie set with tree lined streets, Victorian era homes situated around mossy green parks, and children playing games in the school yard.  While my arrival was more than 15 years ago, I am pleased to say, that the charm is still there–and more.It has rebuilt one of its most attractive Art Deco theaters–the Alameda Theater--into an award winning complex, and yet continues to support a tiny, but mighty, theater in the round at the other end the island-the Altarena Playhouse. It’s Fourth of July parade is one of the largest west of the Mississippi, and children and parents from Cub Scouts, churches, the Boys and Girls club and assorted soccer and baseball teams proudly create mini floats and ride aboard waving flags and laughing out loud as the parade weaves through the city. The saying is true.  Alameda is “one of the best kept secrets” in the Bay area, and I am going to tell you about it–but you have to keep the secret!

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