Wow! What A View!

Posted by on Friday, February 27th, 2009 at 3:57pm.

There are some serious benefits about living on an island like Alameda.  The major one is that we are, by definition surrounded by water!  That allows us to have beachside parties and picnics on a regular basis.  Since our weather is so moderate, we can spend more time on the sand than most other land bound people. One of the most amazing stretches of water can be seen at the extreme end of Harbor Bay Parkway. Here is a view that stretches from San Francisco to the Hayward/San Mateo Bridge.  On a sunny day, with the water sparkling, you could be anywhere in the world--Italy, Greece, etc..

This stretch of land invites bike riders, walkers and joggers, or the slower paced dog walker.  There are pleasant sidewalks and palm trees.  Little spits of land jut out into the water inviting one to see the small sea and land animals that live there. I cannot imagine a visitor who would forget this walk. 

Two other assets are added on.  One is that the planes from the Oakland airport take off directly in front of you--higher up, of course--and head out to various parts of the world.  All colors and sizes and makes of planes fly past you as you watch.   The other, is that by continuing along this road, you will shortly arrive at the Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal.  From this departure point, you can board a ferry and be swiftly transported across the bay to San Francisco, all the while enjoying the same view in a different way. As, we said, what a view!

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