Emeryville Condos For Sale

Emeryville is a city ideally located at the intersection of Highways 880 and 580, and, as such, is in the heart of all the the many business and technical activities that are a part of this vital Bay area.  For its size, it packs a lot into a small space.  Some renown national companies make their homes here.  Included would be  Novartis, Mobi TV, LeapFrog, SendMail, Peets Coffee & Tea, Jamba Juice, and perhaps its most currently famous resident-Pixar, which has a large and handsome campus in the heart of the city.  

Unlike its neighbors, Berkeley and Oakland, Emeryville made a real effort to imagine creative ways develop a truly attractive venue for companies new on the business/technical horizon.   During the later part of the 20th century, it began to develop land for many the high rise buildings which ultimately housed both condominiums, and offices ,for willing corporations looking for a convenient and scenic place to settle.

Condos in Emeryville

Emeryville was also unique in that it already had in place the very popular Watergate complex.  Starting small, and located on the appealing Emeryville Marina, it offered condominiums of various sizes and designs that filled up quickly.  It is still in place, but is so much bigger and more elaborate.  It sits on 26 acres along the waterfront, has the desired amenities expected in this type of complex.  Included are 4 swimming pools, 4 tennis courts, full gym, spa and hot tub, well maintained grounds, and,  of course, an ideal location for a workers in San Francisco or Oakland.  One other long time stalwart has been the impressive high rise at Pacific Park Plaza.  Located directly across from San Francisco, it affords a view of the city, the Golden Gate Bridge, and many beautiful sunsets.  A more recent condo complex arrived with the development of Bay Street Center.  Units are already in place, and becoming available at, and around,  Bay Street One at 5689 Bay Street. 

There are more than 20 condominium/loft style locations in Emeryville.  Among these are included buildings featuring lofts.  To increase housing, many cities, including Emeryville and Oakland, allowed the redevelopment of older industrial buildings to be converted into housing by building life/work loft units.  Included in that list are The Bessler Building with 51 live/work lofts, and Emeryville Warehouse Lofts which have 140 live/work lofts.  Additional loft units to consider are City Limit Lofts and Oliver Lofts.  

Where Is Emeryville?

Emeryville is found directly east of the junction of freeways 880 and 580 ,and just moments from the entrance to the Bay Bridge.  It is said that it takes 12 minutes to drive from Emeryville to San Francisco.  With Oakland to the west and south, and Berkeley to its east and north, it is ideally suited to take advantage of all the business, industry, entertainment and recreation that these cities can offer. Emeryville has a large waterfront looking out on the San Francisco Bay, the city of San Francisco, and the Golden Gate Bridge.  

There is an excellent transportation system that serves this city.  It is interesting to know that the Emeryville Amtrak station is the western terminus of the "California Zephyr" line, and the Bay area's access point for the "Coast Starlight", and points south. For those commuting into Emeryville, other than by car, the Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART) MacArthur station is just 2 miles away and serviced by AC Transit, and a very handy free shuttle called the "Emery Go Round".  This shuttle makes a large sweep between Amtrack, BART, the Watergate complex and marina, and the Bay Street complex.  The freeway system accesses Emeryville from northerly and southerly routes.  


One of the major goals of the early Emeryville development plan was to find a way to attract the "Big Box" stores into the city that other cities were turning away.  As a result, one of the major things to do in Emeryville is to shop!  There are numerous choices for your shopping trips, but the top three are included here for your consideration.

One of the first large centers put in place, and still there, is Powell Street Plaza.  This is a well thought out, cozy shopping center that is anchored by Trader Joe's, Ross, Petco and Mattress Firm.  

Just a few blocks away is the crown jewel of the city's shopping centers--Bay Place.  This development represents the recent concept of combining housing with commercial, retail, and dining opportunities.  This handsome complex includes numerous shops and stores, among which are Banana Republic, The Gap, the Apple Store, Old Navy, AT & T Wireless, and the Barnes and Noble Bookstore, to name just a few. Coupled with shopping, is pleasant dining at Buckhorn,  P.F. Chang's Asian Bistro, California Pizza Kitchen, and Fuddruckers.  An additional asset is the co-anchored AMC Theater with its multi-screen offerings of the latest motion pictures.  

Not to be outdone for shopping opportunities is one of the major venues for shopping for buyers from all over the Bay area--IKEA.  This megastore devoted to reasonably priced home furnishings and decor, has been a hit as a retail source since it opened its doors.  

When shopping is done, there are many more things to see and do, and much of it revolves around the fact that Emeryville sits directly adjacent to the San Francisco Bay.  Opportunities for beach exploring, walks, hiking and biking along the bay front are available via the Emeryville marina walkways. Additionally, the McLaughlin Eastshore State Park will encourage more touring and picture taking.  If you want to get out on the water, Imagine Sailing Tours can take you on a sailing adventure.