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Most Marina Village residents have driven by the large brick warehouses which begin at the intersection of Sherman and Buena Vista streets. They were once the Del Monte Canneries, but before that, they have a very interesting history. Directly behind them, on their western side, was the site of the Alaska Packer fishing fleet. After an ambitious federal dredging project was completed in 1887, the Oakland Estuary opened the waterway to large deep sea vessels. In 1893, attracted by the quiet waters, the Alaska Packers company was formed for the purpose of canning the salmon brought to them by the sturdy wooden square rigged sailing ships of the day.Read More

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In that time, huge forests of wooden riggings could be seen during the off seasons. When not at sea, these tough boats were being repaired, and refitted.New sails were being sewn, and iron and metal fittings were being created, all in preparation for a new year of fishing.

Soon steam began to replace sail for propulsion and by the late 1930's, only 5 Star ships were left. One of these, the “Star of Alaska” can still be seen in the water at the San Francisco Maritime Museum.She is called the “Balclutha”, and is visited by thousands of tourists each year.