May 2009

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I found some great vintage footage from the 20's that a real estate developer made of the Oakland area. It was trumpeting all of the great things about the Oakland in regards to shipping and transportation. Oakland had one of the largest train hubs and continues to have one of the largest shipping ports on the west coast. There are some great shots of Heinold's First and Last Chance Saloon built in 1883, it looks the same today as it did back then. The name was based upon the fact that Alameda was a 'dry' town. If you were coming or going to Alameda on the ferry, Heinold's was your first and last chance to get a drink. There are also some great shots of the Tribune tower and downtown Oakland as well as the shipping ports that made Oakland famous. I will

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I just finished filming a feature story for NBC Channel 11 with Tech and Business reporter Scott Budman about the Internet and Real Estate. It should be on tonight at 6pm during the Business segment. Hopefully I don't end up all over the editing room floor. Scott is an old friend from Oakland, an award winning journalist and father of two. You can see the video here. Click Here
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