When it comes time to consider selling your Piedmont, CA home, you will want to have a realistic expectation as to its value, especially if you need to sell it to purchase another home.  You do not want it to sit on the market for weeks, or even months, because it has not attracted buyers.

Here are a few things that you should do before settling on any firm pricing:

1. Compare and Contrast--With the amazing availability of real estate web sites showing  homes for sale in your area, coupled with a detailed description and picture of each, you should have an excellent overview of what the price range should be for homes in Piedmont, or even nearby Oakland homes. 

2. Take a Hard Look At The Facts--While it might be nice to imagine your home bringing…

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While it is my job as your Berkeley real estate agent to assist you in selling your Berkeley home, and then find you a new home in a new location, it is also important that we analyze your future plans to make sure that you have a full awareness of all these selling and buying implications, and how they will meet your needs.

Here are some issues we will consider:

1. What Are Your Future Plans For Next 5-10 years?   While no one can predict the sale price of homes in the next few years, some neighborhoods are obviously overpriced, and some are the opposite, and will show a profit if purchased now, rather than later.  If your present or future home will fall into either of these categories, it is important to know that at the outset to make sale or…

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If you have been reading any information about preparing your Piedmont home for sale, you will have learned that the most important elements that impress potential buyers are new hardwood floors, upgraded kitchens, and fresh new bathrooms.  While these are certainly ideal projects to develop, there are some unexpected projects that impress buyers as well:

1. A Simple, Well Thought Out Entryway--Since this is one of the very first things that guests see in your home, take the time to research and develop an attractive home entrance.  Have it be light and airy, simple yet tasteful, and one that fits the design of the home.  It will make a wonderful first impression to assist in your sale.

2. Upgraded Lighting--Most home improvement centers have a…

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This weekend, Saturday, December 15th promises holiday fun for Piedmont families.  Three events are scheduled that should start the holiday season off with a smile:

a. Highland Partners Breakfast With Santa--I am pleased to say that my real estate firm, Highland Partners, has invited Piedmont families to drop by and meet with Santa, and have a picture to take home showing Santa with each child who wants to speak with him.  There will be good things from our espresso cart, and all ages are welcome.  Drop by 342 Highland Blvd. from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00.p.m. to join this annual holiday event.  There is no fee for all this fun.

a. 4th Annual Santa Breakfast--Piedmont Park and Exedra Plaza--711 Highland Avenue-- from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m..  Lots of…

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For longtime Oakland, CA homeowners, the annual showing of the Christmas lights at the Oakland Mormon Temple has been a special holiday event. Sitting high atop the Oakland hills, next to Joaquin Miller Park and Highway 13, the temple is visible from much of the eastern San Francisco Bay area.

While it is beautifully lit with handsome lighting during the year, the lighting becomes truly spectacular during the Christmas season.  Colorful lights adorn every tree, pathways are highlighted, small waterfall like ponds are enhanced, and everything shines and glows as you travel through the lovely gardens and displays. 

Parking is on site or immediately nearby, but many neighborhood residents from nearby Redwood Heights homes and Oakmore homes walk over…

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Take it from an experienced Alameda Real Estate Agent, holding a sucessful Open House in your Alameda home is one that requires just a bit of pre-planning to make sure that you get the best response from your potential buyers. Here are some ideas for preparing your home in the competitive Alameda Real Estate area:

1. Clean Your Home Thoroughly:  While this seems obvious, many sellers are not aware of the importance that a clean and shiny home has to buyers.  Things that sellers they are used to, and see everyday around their home, like pet odors or piles of laundry in rooms, are complete turn offs to visitors, and causes them to skip many rooms and areas of the home because of their atmosphere. The most efficient solution is to have the family focus on…

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