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The recent Bay Area Market Report for the first quarter of 2013 has just been released, and the results are very exciting for Oakland homeowners, and Piedmont home sellers who have been considering putting their home on the market.  Right now, there is a drastic shortage of homes for sale on the market.  As of March 31, 2013, there are only 4098 existing single-family detached homes were listed for sale in the entire nine-county Bay area.  While this is an improvement from the 3.370 homes available as of 12/2012, it is still down 55 % from the 10,282 homes available a year ago to date. 

While home sales have fallen to their lowest level in five years in the Bay Area, once homes are placed on the market, all nine Bay Area counties reported

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It is an old saying, but still, unfortunately true, that first impressions are the most lasting.  It is especially true when you are presenting your home for sale.  Whether you live in Alameda Victorian or on Alameda Bay Farm Island townhouse, you want to make the very best impression to future buyers the moment they arrive at your door. I, as your selling agent, will be helping you to prepare for a brokers tour or open house, but here are some general suggestions that you can implement to get you started:

1. Be A Detective- Look at your home quite frankly.  You have lived in it for a long time.  You know what it's real problems are, and what needs immediate attention.  Tour your home the way outsiders will be doing.  Make a list of the "must do"

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For those Piedmont and Oakland area residents who treasure the stunning historical and architecturally varied homes in the area, an opportunity arrives each year to tour some of the most amazing ones.  This year, the annual Heart of Home Tour celebrates its 25th year of providing just such an opportunity. 

This week, on April 26th and 27th, four Piedmont homes, and one Oakland home, are on the schedule.  The tour is sponsored by the Children's Support League of the East Bay, who, since its founding in 1986 have given $2.9 million in grants.  One of the homes featured as the designer showcase home is a Georgian Colonial Revival home . The owners of this home have generously allowed local designers to come in and redesign some of their rooms for

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While Oakland's Jack London Square is always busy with events for people of all ages, this week is especially active.  The weather is going to be warm and inviting, and the views across to San Francisco are always pleasant at any time of the year.  In the last few years, the Square has become one of the major social centers of a reviving Oakland downtown. It is visited by boaters, by tourists off the latest San Francisco ferry which stops there, and young couples with their children arriving from all over the area. For the more adventurous, they can choose to  rent a kayak, and get out on the water on their own. 

Located at the foot of Broadway, here are some things that are scheduled for this week on the Square:


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In my last blog-Part 1-I encouraged sellers to consider some of the qualities that they might consider when selling their Alameda home, or their Alameda Bay Farm Island home.  There are some additional qualities which are mandatory for all successful real estate agents:

1. Posseses A Thorough Knowledge of Real Estate Paperwork and Protocol-In this competitive field, the agent needs to know all about the basic real estate purchase contract, addendums, disclosure forms, listing and selling procedures, whom to talk to, when to talk to them,and in what order and manner.  This only comes with experienced and thorough training.  You need to assure yourself that your agent is qualified to help you by asking lots of questions.  Ask for referrals from the

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When you are thinking about selling your Alameda home, or your Alameda Bay Farm Island home, it becomes important to consider the type of real estate agent that you will choose to assist you.  I have been working in the East Bay area for a number of years, and have met many real estate agents who have many of these qualities.  However, during these past years, I have worked hard at developing the many skills that I have listed below, and believe that I am fully qualified to assist you in the sale of your home. 

Here are the qualities that you will need in a good real estate agent:

1. Licensed, and in Good Standing:  Obviously, someone needs to be licensed with the State of California to become a real estate agent.  You also want to make sure that

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Whether you are moving from an Oakland home to a Berkeley home, or cross country, if you have children, there are extra issues that come into play beyond packing boxes and loading furniture into a moving van. Often these issues get buried under the stress and paperwork of buying one home and selling another.  It is truly a stressful time, and because so much is going on, young children are left out of the planning stages, and are asked to make some major life adjustments at a very confusing time in their life.  If you add to this, the anxiety that might have caused the move, such as a death, divorce or job loss, you realize that time needs to be taken to assure that the transition is as gentle to the children as possible. 

While much of this

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The busiest home buying season of the year is about to arrive, and it has just developed into one of the best times for sellers in years.  A lot is going on, in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, that affects the value of a Piedmont or Oakland home.  Here are some of the elements at work:

1. Lack of Available Homes On the Market--Throughout the Bay Area, the inventory of available homes is extremely low.  This means that motivated buyers are competing against each other for fewer homes. Additionally, it means that home prices are rising dramatically, as buyers compete fiercely against each other to purchase the limited home stock.  An indication is that last year's February's median single family home price in the immediate nine bay area

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Once you make the commitment to place your Oakland home on the market, you realize that there will changes that you will have to make to its current condition to appeal to potential buyers. Whether your home is located in Redwood Heights, Montclair, or Rockridge, you will need to consider your selling presentation.  Some things will be easy to do, and others may require some financial investment to make your home competitive in the current marketplace. I, as your Oakland real estate agent will be going over many of these things to assist you in making the best presentation possible.  Here are some of the ideas for consideration:

1. Tour Your Home As a Visitor Would--Go through your home as if you were a brand new visitor.  Ideally, take friends or

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