This architectural gem, located at 101 Sea View Avenue, has been seen and admired by Piedmont residents for many years.  Designed by renowned architect Walter Radcliff, its appearance is meticulously thought out through every room in the home.  Surrounded by lush gardens, plentiful trees, and greenery, it truly deserves the attention that it gets. 

This very elegant Mediterranean styled home reflects the impressive architecture that was to be expected when it was constructed, and it continues to maintain that charm today.  It offers a total of 4 bedrooms, and 4 1/2 baths in approximately 4792 sf of living space.  

 This attractive entry, with its dramatic trim, is an just an indication of what can be expected upon opening the…

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This light filled contemporary home at 60 Somerset Road in Piedmont, is centered among pleasing gardens, trees, and colorful plants, while additionally featuring an outstanding Bay view.  It offers a total of 5 bedrooms, and 3 baths, in a very spacious 3215 +/-sf of space.  

Everything about this home is inviting.  The spacious windows reveal soothing views of the well established, and relaxing gardens.  The recessed lighting and warmly colored floors add yet another element of calm.  What better source of relaxation than a handsome fireplace ideally placed between the living and dining rooms to add warmth on a chilly evening? 

There is ample space for entertaining here, as well.  Whether you want to have a small group of friends seated…

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 This handsome home with sweeping lines and impressive curb appeal, is located in Piedmont at 64 Huntleigh Road.  Extremely well situated, and just moments from central Piedmont and Montclair, it offers 3 bedrooms and 3 baths in 3166 sf +/- of living space.  

 A serene walkway to the front door of the house leads you through well established plants, trees, and greenery. 

Upon stepping into the home, you are surrounded with dramatic architecture at every point.  If the goal was to greet you with light, color and contrast, this room has succeeded.  

There are two central elements around which this living room is built.  The first is the dramatically peaked wood beamed ceiling, which is paired with the second unique feature-the…

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This delightful home is ideally located at 311 Highland Avenue in Piedmont, and just steps away from top rated schools, parks and civic activities.  All these assets, plus a sweeping Bay area view, makes this a home that is well worth considering.  If offers 4 bedrooms, and 2 1/2  bathrooms in a spacious 2457 sf +/- of living space.  

 Built in a classic era for Piedmont growth and development, this home represents much of what was valued then, and now, in architecture.  Beginning with impressive, and well thought, out curb appeal, the wide welcoming steps, and well established trees and greenery are thoughtfully placed.

The sweeping front porch is just perfect for entertaining friends, serving a formal tea, or just relaxing at the end…

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This stylish and welcoming home at 230 Park View Avenue in Piedmont, is extremely well located on a corner lot, and just steps away from popular Witter Field.  Its classic stucco exterior, topped by a cheerful red tile roof, colorful plants and trees, epitomizes the charming curb appeal of this Mediterranean style of architecture.   It offers 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths in a roomy 1809 sf +/- of living space.  

 The arched entryway, paired with two classically styled entry columns, is a perfect spot for a cozy afternoon's relaxing on the porch.  

The living room is well thought out, and is centered by a uniquely designed fireplace, topped with a classic matching inset arch.  Paired bookshelves on either side of the fireplace are perfect…

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 This beautifully designed home, is located on a corner lot, and, with its multilevel garden terraces, and views of the South Bay area, it is truly impressive.  Located at 100 Estates Drive in Piedmont, it offers 3 bedroooms and 2 baths in a roomy 2373 sf+/- of gracious living space.  

This appealing entryway is just the start of what is special about this home.  The wide walkway, surrounded on all sides by handsome and mature plants and trees, leads to a pair of sturdy double doors topped by a unique skylight.  

 As you enter, you are immediately caught up by the dramatic South Bay view that is revealed by the sweeping sets of windows in the living and dining room.  

The living room is warm and welcoming, with its on unique set of views,…

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This very attractive and spacious home at 32212 Claremont Street in Union City offers something special at every turn.  There are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and a roomy 1,720 sf +/- of living space. Of special note, when considering this home, is that both the kitchen and bathrooms were remodeled in 2016---a real asset now, and into the future.      


The living room is inviting, with lots of space for entertaining. Additionally, the floorplan here is extremely flexible, and offers many ways to create a pleasant living space.  


Above is the reverse view of the living room.  As you move through this, and other rooms in the residence, be sure to note the added beauty of the gleaming hardwood floors, and the carpets in the adjacent…

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This handsome garden, with lots of curb appeal, welcomes all to this delightful mid-century designed home at 77 Dudley Avenue in Piedmont.   Well located, this unique charmer offers 4 bedrooms, and 3 1/2 bathrooms in a very spacious 3498 +/- sf of living space.  


The handsome blue front door opens onto a spacious entryway and irresistible interior.  


Three of the central characteristics of mid-century design are open space, simplicity, and large glass windows throughout the home.  This living room certainly epitomizes these concepts.  The defining curved bay windows are impressive, as are the wall spaces that invite appealing art works.  

There is an investment in quality here, as can be seen by the rich and appealing…

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