This recently redesigned home in Piedmont at 312 Scenic Avenue, is most certainly centered around this striking San Francisco Bay Area view seen just outside these windows, and throughout the house.   It features 2 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms in approximately 1412 s.f. of living space.  It is located just moments from all of the popular shopping and dining venues in the area including Montclair, and Lakeshore and Grand Lake Avenues

 There is no question that the hills of Piedmont are ideally located to provide this stunning and extraordinary view.  The home is perfectly placed so that residents can enjoy this panorama, no matter what the time of day.  

Gracefully curved front steps lead guests to the imaginatively designed wooden front…

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This handsome home with its imaginative double door entryway and circular pathway is located close to central Piedmont, and just moments from Montclair at 120 Caperton Avenue.  It features 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in 2581 sf+/- of living space.  The entryway is additionally unique because directly opposite, are the doors to the spacious and private patio area for the home.  

As you tour the residence, you will become aware of the commitment that has been made to create the unique and captivating gardens that surround the home.  This plan was possible because of the expansive size of the lot-approximately 7026 sf.  

To the left of the doorway entrance is this warm and inviting living room that is built around an attractive central…

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  This charming Mid-century style home located at 60 Somerset Road in Piedmont, represents much of what is desirable in a home of this design.  This concept  revolves around integrating the indoor and outdoor living, with the goal of bringing the "outside inside" through the use of multiple doorways and windows that lead to gardens, patios, and greenery.  The view above illustrates the point.  Note that the entire front of the home has been dedicated to a full length patio area that is surrounded by lush bushes, trees and plants.  The home features 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in a very roomy living space of 3215 +/- sf. 

A reverse view reveals the characteristic Mid-century "wall of glass" that draws in the garden's dramatic display.  The…

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Centrally located close to Piedmont and Montclair, at 5206 Proctor Avenue, this stunning home sits comfortably in the hills of Oakland, and has been designed to capture all the dramatic Bay area views below.  Wide spacious view windows abound, and each reveals a special angle of the scene below.  It offers 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms in a very comfortable 3048 +/- sf of living space.  

Upon entry, guests are immediately aware that the warm and glowing light emanating from the multiple view windows is a consistent theme throughout the home.  The high vaulted ceilings and the white walls add an impressive compliment to this elegant room.  The room is anchored by a striking and spacious fireplace around which many an evening's entertaining can…

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 This cheerful home with its delightfully styled gambrel roof and cheerful red door, is perfectly placed between central Piedmont, and the popular Grand Lake and Lakeshore shops and restaurants.  Located at 558 Boulevard Way, it offers a charming curb appeal, and 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom in approximately 1592 sf of living space.  

This imaginatively peaked roof combined with the sturdy red front door is a unique welcome to guests, and it highlights the front of the home.  Also unique to the style of this home is the variety and size of windows at every level that allow light in from every angle once one enters the home.  

Turning right at the entryway, guests are greeted by this spacious, sunlit living room.  Anchored by a dramatic…

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(Image Courtesy of Signature Development Group)

Oakland's Jack London Square has always been a delightful centerpiece for both local residents and visitors from all over the world.  With its central location, and weekly events, it has been a captivating spot on Oakland's waterfront.

For the last few years, a stunning community has been developing nearby.  Called Brooklyn Basin, it has been working towards the goal of providing an imaginatively designed residential and commercial anchor for the city along the busy  Oakland Estuary. 

It has multiple goals--all of which will make it a welcome and commanding addition to the city.  Plans overall include a selection of imaginatively designed mid-rise and high-rise homes with panoramic views,…

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 This delightful Dutch Colonial style home is immediately charming, and, in addition, was the winner of the 2017 Best New Addition Award in Piedmont for the creation of a second story to the home.  Located at 110 Fairview Avenue, in Piedmont, it offers 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in a delightful 2792 sf +/- of living space.  

The front of the house, with the contrasting black and white trim, is highlighted with this distinctive entryway featuring a matching  pair of graceful columns and dramatic red door.  What an impressive welcome for guests.  

 Once entering, a rich and spacious entryway awaits guests.  The staircase to the second floor seen directly ahead, with its color palette of warmly colored wood risers, mixed with black and…

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