This handsomely designed traditional home, located at 1637 Grand Avenue, represents a style often associated with Piedmont.  Its timeless appeal is obvious, and its architecture is classic for an era, yet it moves seamlessly into today's living.  Ideally located close to the in demand shops and restaurants of Montclair, Rockridge and Piedmont Avenue,  it offers 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms in a comfortable 2053 +/- sf of living space, with off street parking.

The curb appeal here is exemplary.  Carefully trimmed plants and hedges and imaginative front steps, lead to a dramatic front porch with matching pair of impressive entry columns  

 As guests reach the top of the stairs and arrive at the front porch, they are offered this…

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This spacious and dramatic family room is located in a captivating home that has just been listed for sale at 1608 Mountain Boulevard.  It is just one of many engaging rooms featured in this residence that is located the popular Fernwood neighborhood of Oakland.  This room offers a desirable open beam peaked ceiling, a dramatic central fireplace with room for side cushion seating, and beautifully styled inset windows along the side wall.  Of further appeal is that its floor plan provides a variety of potential design combinations, depending on preference and need.   

Nestled among well established greenery and a wide variety of selected trees and plants, this imaginative home is surprising in its charm and design.  It offers 3 bedrooms, 2…

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The traditional Summer selling season is now about to begin.   Homes will begin to appear for sale in every neighborhood in the area, and as such, furnish competition for you as you begin to make important decisions about putting your home on the market.  

One of the most important considerations for you to make, is the price that you will be asking for your home.  Many sellers, especially those who have invested a lot of time, and perhaps a great deal of money into their home, will have a tendency to overprice their home at the outset, and hope for the best when putting it on the market.  This is just not practical or realistic, and overpricing will fundamentally affect how quickly you are going to sell that home.

 My role as your…

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This dramatically placed home sits high above Oakland in the very popular Broadway Terrace neighborhood, and is located at 9056 Broadway Terrace.  Close to the many and varied shops and restaurants of Rockridge and Montclair, it is equally ideally placed for commuting to downtown Oakland, San Francisco, and Contra Costa County.  It offers 3 bedrooms, and 2 1/2 baths in approximately 2708 sf of living space.  

The sweeping view of San Francisco, and San Francisco Bay that is associated with this home is stunning, and may be seen from both the upper and lower levels of the home.  

Turning northerly, one can view the Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Marin County.  This exceptional visual experience changes as the sun rises and sets,…

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If dramatic curb appeal is of importance to you, this Tudor cottage style home located at 335 Magnolia Avenue in Piedmont,  is meant for you.  Everything about it evokes charm, from its flowering hanging wisteria, to its peaked roof, leaded glass bay windows, and brick frontage.  Even though it has cottage appearance, it is far from small, featuring 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms in approximately 2656 sf of living space.  

Guests will arrive at this home up a stone pathway, past a small street side picket fence, through an impressive wooden front door, and enter the front room under an spacious entry archway.  Every detail here is has been developed with considered thought.   

This exceptional living room has been designed to highlight…

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This dramatic entryway is just the beginning view of a this dazzling Mid-Century Eichler home located at 8010 Shay Drive in Oakland's Sequoyah Hills neighborhood.  It has been impressively remodeled, and now is one of the largest Eichler homes in the East Bay.  It features 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a spacious 2421+/- sf of living space.  An additional benefit is a delightful in ground pool and hot tub.  

 Entry through the front door reveals this delightful and welcoming interior garden that is visible from virtually every room in the home.  This home epitomizes all that is expected of a Mid Century Modern home design.  Elements, seen here, include large glass windows-virtually walls of glass, integration with nature where sliding glass…

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This charming home, with its pleasing curb appeal and Tudor styling, is located at 4142 Lyman Road in the popular Oakmore neighborhood of Oakland.  It offers 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms in a comfortable 1620 +/- sf of living space.   It is just moments from the venerable Rocky's neighborhood market, and the restaurants and shops of Glenview and Montclair.  

This home is characteristically Tudor in architecture.  Note the steeply pitched roofs, overlapping front gables of varying heights, and decorative half timbering trim across the entire front of the home.  Add to this the sturdy front door with a mullioned view window, and a delightful entry lamp, and the picture is complete.  

 This welcoming living room is anchored by a dramatic…

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