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This inviting home, at 1519 Westview Drive in Berkeley, with its exterior view balconies and expansive glass doors and windows, is high above the city in the Claremont hills, and offers sweeping Bay area views of San Francisco, Oakland, The Golden Gate and Bay Bridge, and Marin. 

While above it all, it is close to all from the many amenities that make living in these hills unique--The University of California, the delightful shops and restaurants of nearby Elmwood, Claremont, Rockridge and Montclair neighborhoods.   It provides 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in approximately 2376 sf of living space.  

This can truly be called a sweeping view of the Bay area.  Facing directly west, it is sure to provide some stunning sunsets, as well as a daily

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This striking Berkeley hillside home, nestled among an expansive forest of surrounding trees, is truly unique in its architecture and location.   It is fully landscaped front and rear, and is oriented in such a way that it provides dramatic SF Bay area views from virtually every window in the residence.  Located at 3541 Dwight Way, it offers 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom in approximately 1435 sf of living space.  

As indicated above, the home has been situated this unique location that provides a view of this stunning Bay area scenery every day of the year.   

This remarkable great hall complex was created to take complete advantage of its distinctive location to provide extraordinary views of both the hillside and the Bay area panoramas

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High in the Claremont hills above Berkeley, is this gracious Mediterranean style home.  Perfectly located for easy access to Berkeley, Orinda, Montclair and Rockridge shopping and dining, and just moments from the hiking and riding trails of Tilden Park, it is a choice spot for both work, recreation and shopping.  At 6960 Norfolk Road, it offers 4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths, and a spacious 2606 +/-sf of living space. 

To truly see the home, one must start with this impressive entryway.  As with most Mediterranean styled homes, there is an emphasis on indoor/outdoor living, and private garden courtyards.  The entry to the home reflects that intention.  Quiet and soothing, it is also private-kept so by the walls and ample foliage that is seen

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This stunning view home, located just below Tilden Park in Berkeley, is masterpiece of design and gracious living.  Located at 185 Hill Road, and just above Grizzly Peak Boulevard, it offers 2 bedrooms and 21/2 baths, and a sparkling ambiance that many would envy. 

Classic Mid-Century Modern in design, it features all of the elements that are to be expected--open space, flat planes, integration with nature, and most importantly, walls and walls of glass windows and doors.  

 This sweeping view is beckoning 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  Below are both the Bay Bridge, The Golden Gate Bridge, Oakland, San Francisco and Marin, plus what promises to be very impressive sunsets.  

 Whether you choose to view the panorama from

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This welcoming home with flavors of Spain and the Mediterranean in its architecture, is located in the Berkeley hills at 596 Grizzly Peak Boulevard.  It is immediately inviting with its lush gardens, long established trees and greenery, and quaint front gate.  It offers 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in approximately 2134 sf of living space.  

Stepping through the entry gate, guests are greeted by this serene and beautifully conceived patio that provides a perfect spot for entertaining, or just a quiet retreat for reading.  

Stepping through the front door from the garden, visitors are treated to the stunning open floor plan of this gleaming living room.  The dramatic open beam ceiling commands attention, as do the golden colored hardwood

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I am pleased to announce that we were able to create this outstanding deal for our sellers, and that the sale is now pending.  Below are some reasons why the home was so desirable.   

This handsome Craftsman style home located at 1126 Arch Street, sits in the hills above Berkeley's Rose Garden, and is found not far from the University of California, and city's popular Gourmet Ghetto area.  It has a sweeping view that includes San Francisco, Berkeley, and both bridges.   It offers 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths and 1871 +/- sf of living space.  

This home has all the elements of a classic Craftsman home, and a great deal of care has been taken to make the it warm and welcoming to guests.  A wide overhanging roof, a covered front porch with

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 This very handsome classic brown shingle home has so many positive features-one of which is its appealing location.  It is located in Berkeley in the exceptional Claremont Court neighborhood at 2709 Claremont Boulevard. With its gracious curb appeal, and in demand traditional architecture, it is exceptional.  

As you tour this home, be sure to note all the premium  touches that make this home unique, and reflects the added thought that went into each room.  An example starts at the doorway.  The wide and welcoming front door is framed by a pair of partially mullioned windows, and the entryway beamed ceiling features a period designed lamp.  


Stepping inside the roomy entry hall, you are greeted with a beautiful and traditional

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This classically styled English Tudor home in the Berkeley hills is one that offers so much appeal in terms of design, quality, and charm.  Located at 17 Spruce Street, it features a very pleasing Bay area view, and a welcoming ambiance.  This two story  home has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and an attached two car garage.  

The living room has many of the desirable features of the Tudor design.  Note the cathedral beamed ceiling with its graceful arch, the roomy brick fireplace, and random plank hardwood floors.  A large centrally located window brings in light and views from outside.  


Another view of the living room reveals two very desirable glass pane French doors that open onto an adjacent family room.


 A bank of windows

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This warm and welcoming home with its classic Craftsman architecture is ideally located in the Elmwood neighborhood and is immediately adjacent to the Rockridge neighborhood---both of which are two of the most popular dining and shopping venues in the area.

Located at 2917 Ashby Avenue in Berkeley, it offers 3 bedrooms, 2/12 baths, and expansive, lush gardens ideal for relaxation and entertaining.  Built in 1916, it reflects the imagination and creativity that was invested in the homes in the neighborhoods that surrounded the UC Berkeley campus.  The front entrance shows the attention given to making a visitor feel welcome upon arrival.  A classic wooden front door is surrounded by imaginative windows, and a pair of handsome ceramic lions add to

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This classic Art Deco home was designed in 1937 by award winning home architect John Dinwiddie, and reflects all that is appealing and dramatic about this architectural style. The  expected, and in demand, design elements will reflect simple clean lines, with a streamlined look being paramount inside and out.  Note the wrap around deck that reflects this concept.  Everything together combines to form an amazing curb appeal.  

Located at 95 Parnassus Road in Berkeley, it features 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, and offers views of the Bay area and the North Berkeley hills.  

The entrance, through glass doors, the simple lines of the stairwell, and the dramatic hardwood floors, give a sense of what to expect in the the rest of the house.

The living

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