This ivy trimmed Berkeley Hills home represents all that is distinctive and desirable about homes in this architecturally significant neighborhood.   Located at 1636 Le Roy Avenue in Berkeley, it offers 5 bedrooms and 4/2 bathrooms in a very generous 2924 +/-sf of living space.    

Located on the north side of the University of California campus, it is close to all the many amenities, dining, and shops that Berkeley has to offer.  

The aerial view of the home reveals its its size,  its multiple view balconies, and well established gardens and grounds.  A central tower structure provides views from three different perspectives.  

The panoramic sweep of the scenery below is spectacular.  It covers Marin, The Golden Gate Bridge, San…

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This softly glowing living room and dining area is just part of the charm of this Mid-Century Modern style home located at 605 Vistamont Avenue in the hills above Berkeley.  Every effort has been devoted to creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for both residents and guests.  

It offers 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in a generous 1650 sf of living space.  True to its Mid-Century design concept, it offers a floor to ceiling wall of windows, a large sliding glass door to the exterior, a simplicity of design, and plentiful open space allowing an easy transition from one room to another.

A reverse perspective reveals the centrally placed fireplace around which many a pleasant afternoon or evening of entertaining can be enjoyed. 

The brighter…

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This spectacular main hall one of many rooms that impress in this custom made home located at 7 Maybeck Twin Drive in the hills above North Berkeley.  Anyone familiar with Berkeley history know the architectural heritage of Bernard Maybeck, after whom the street address was named. 

In fact, it was he who named the street, and developed it, and Maybeck's studio was at the base of the drive on the left.  The lot on which this home is constructed was purchased from his daughter. 

This house was custom built, and has an intriguing mixture of both modern and Craftsman character.  It is hard to deny the Maybeck influence when viewing the floor to ceiling stained glass windows and the dramatic bookshelves.  It offers 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in a…

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This glowing home, with its expansive picture windows and warm overhead lighting, is immediately welcoming.  Golden colored hardwood floors highlight the generous floor space that is available for gracious living and relaxing entertaining.  

This updated gem is located in Berkeley at 2815 Stanton Street, and offers 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in  1815 +/- sf of living space.  

This charming home, with its delightful wrought iron railings and archway, is one of many pleasant homes along a tree lined street in South Berkeley, and not far from the city's popular Gourmet Ghetto, and the ever imaginative Fourth Street shops and restaurants.  

Upon entering the home, one is immediately aware of this well designed living space that is devoted…

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This stunning welcoming entrance is one of the many elements that have been created to add more beauty to an already impressive Berkeley hills home located at 910 Hilldale Avenue.  This distinctive, glowing atrium combines with the ginkgo tile clad entryway to create a breathtaking entry for guests.  

Located high above the city, with accompanying views, it offers 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in approximately 2993 sf of living space.  

This gracious home, settled comfortably among well established trees and lush gardens, was built in 1915 when Craftsman architecture was highly prized, and thus, very much in demand. 

This home represents much of that design concept, especially with its low-pitched gable roofs and overhanging eaves.  It still…

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This very spacious Berkeley home, located at 1280 Grand View Drive, features this expansive living room with its distinctive fireplace and vaulted open beam ceiling.   It becomes yet more appealing when the pair of large doors to the balcony are thrown open to a dramatic view balcony.  

Located in the hills above Berkeley, with views of the Bay area below, it is perfectly placed to enjoy the advantages of the many popular shopping and dining areas of Elmwood, Rockridge and Montclair .  It offers 4 bedrooms, 3/2 bathrooms in a very generous 4975 sf of living space

This inviting balcony can easily serve a dual purpose--it can be a quiet retreat high above the surrounding hillside on a lazy Sunday morning, or just as easily become a gathering…

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This stunning home in the hills of North Berkeley is located at 2330 Vine Street.  It was originally conceived as a dance studio for the Marston family in 1930, but went far beyond that simple conception, as seen above.  

It reflects the elegant  living space of Elizabethan and early Tudor designs where a great hall was the centerpiece of the home, and guests moved freely from one portion to another, often with a great table against a far wall for dining, and satellite tables around the room.

  Large crossbeams support the high vaulted ceiling, and the Elizabethan construction is reflected here with a brick lower level supporting half-timbered upper walls.  

A reverse perspective illustrates the expanse of this dramatic space that is…

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This glowing Mediterranean style home sits in the Claremont Hills of Berkeley, at 769 Alvarado Road.  It represents the warmth and color of its architectural roots with richly colored gardens and outdoor patios designed to bring the "outside in" for your enjoyment.  

It offers 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms in a very spacious 2536 sf of living space.  

Further, it has one more stunning asset-a dramatic and sweeping Bay view :

One of the real delights of living in the Berkeley hills is this view.   Incorporating all of San Francisco, Berkeley, the Bay Bridge, and Bay waters, it is an ever changing delight of light and color.  

A deck, with both a view of the Bay and the adjacent rolling hills, runs along the side length of the home…

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This expansive Berkeley hillside home is high atop the city, and possesses sweeping Bay area views.  Located at 38 Oak Ridge Road in Berkeley's desirable Claremont neighborhood, it offers 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms and 1977 +/- sf of living space.  

The handsome fireplace, with its very distinctive mantel and surround, is a feature around which multiple furniture conceptions can be developed.  

A expanded perspective of the living room reveals a substantial living space that is enhanced with a full length sun room that provides outstanding views of the cities below.  

This is definitely a very special place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee while savoring the scene below.  An equally effective use would be as a site for hosting…

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This striking hillside home at 211 Lake Drive in Kensington, is nestled in  among the expanse of surrounding trees, and bordering on Wildcat Regional Park and the Tilden Nature Area in the hills above the home.  It offers a truly distinctive architectural concept.  It has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in approximately 2375 sf of living space.  

It is well located.  While it is settled in among the East Bay hills, the popular shops and restaurants of North and Central Berkeley and Albany are close by, as is the University of California, and all that it has to offer.  

The design of this home is plainly conceived with the goal of "bringing the outside in".  Both views above reveal the floor to ceiling windows and multiple doors to the outside…

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