It is an old saying, but still, unfortunately true, that first impressions are the most lasting.  It is especially true when you are presenting your home for sale.  Whether you live in Alameda Victorian or on Alameda Bay Farm Island townhouse, you want to make the very best impression to future buyers the moment they arrive at your door. I, as your selling agent, will be helping you to prepare for a brokers tour or open house, but here are some general suggestions that you can implement to get you started:

1. Be A Detective- Look at your home quite frankly.  You have lived in it for a long time.  You know what it's real problems are, and what needs immediate attention.  Tour your home the way outsiders will be doing.  Make a list of the "must do" items, and those that can wait.  Understand that things that you have possibly put off- like a cracked window, or leaky faucet, can make a huge difference in your presentation.  They will get noticed.  If your home appears old and worn out, and things are not attended to, it can make buyers wonder what other issues are around that they cannot see.

2. Show Off Your Home's Design Features- If you home has a distinctive design style like Mission or Colonial, Eichler, etc. show it off!  Make sure that it's unique outside features can be immediately seen by trimming back bushes, clearing away benches, swings, children's toys, dog houses, etc..  Of course, this would apply to any home, but more so if your home style is in demand.   Remove your cars from the front or driveway, so there can be a clean visual sweep of the front when buyers and brokers arrive.

3. Keep Your Paint Colors Neutral-If your home has been one of the first that can be seen on the block because of its jarring colors, it is important that you consider spending some additional, but not excessive, funds for paint to bring it back into the neutral range.  You don't need to be drab.  Just pick out neutral colors like white, grey and beige, and give it the extra pop that you want by adding a pleasant contrasting color to the door, trim or shutters to make it inviting. 

These are just a few, and often, inexpensive ideas to get started attracting buyers.  The good news is that with the huge growth of home improvement centers, suggestions and ideas are everywhere, and the costs are now more reasonable than ever.  Take the time to check them out.

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