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General Real Estate Tips and Advice

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You have finally decided to move ahead and buy your new home.  You know the type of home that you want, the neighborhood that you would like, and the price that you are willing to pay. To assure yourself that you have the your best chance to achieve these goals, you should plan to follow these three steps: 

1. Find An Experienced Real Estate Agent Who Knows The Marketplace:   Buying a home has become more complicated every year.  Whether you need information about loan qualifications, property disclosures, home inspections, offers and counteroffers, the experience of your chosen agent can make a dramatic difference in your end result.  My multi-year winning sales record in the Bay area will assure you that you are in good hands with me as your

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  As soon as you decide that you would like to begin to look for your new Piedmont or Oakland home, you should take steps to get your loan financing in place.  In many areas of the East Bay, the competition for homes and condominiums is very high. As a result, you need to be ready to make a offer immediately upon finding your ideal home to avoid losing out to other bidders.  What do you need to know about your financing options?

1. Being Pre-Qualified By A Lender-This is a first step in the mortgage process, but an important one.  You will be asked to provide your lender with your basic financial status.  You would inform them about your debt, your income, and your assets.  It allows the lender to review your situation, and give you a general

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Once you have made the decision to purchase a home, either in Piedmont or Oakland, you will find yourself touring many homes.  Many times these tours are done before dealing with me as your agent, often to get a sense of what the market is like, and what you may or may not want in your new home.  You will be getting all kinds of information and written material from each home you visit, but there are some very important questions that you should ask yourself each time your tour, so you know, when you are finally ready to decide, what things to consider, and what homes you will reject immediately.   NOTE: You will, in the process of buying a new home, have the opportunity to have a professional home inspection done before you move ahead with your…
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 Now that the Spring buying market in Piedmont is upon us, many more homes will be coming on the market, and desirable homes will be snapped up quickly.  It is important that you have an efficient plan to be able to move ahead quickly when searching for your ideal home.  While I will be assisting you in finding your home, you should have a plan based on these concepts:

1. Be firm on what elements that you must have in your new home:  Perhaps you must have 3 bedrooms, a large back yard, or want to be in a certain school district.  This list should contain your things that you will not give up when considering buying a new home. In creating this checklist, you may be surprised how many things are and are not as important as you initially thought that

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The traditional Spring selling market is now about to begin.   Homes will begin to appear for sale in every neighborhood in the area, and as such, furnish competition for you as you begin to make important decisions about putting your Piedmont home on the market.  

One of the most important considerations for you to make, is the price that you will be asking for your home.  Many sellers, especially those who have invested a lot of time, and perhaps a great deal of money into their home, will have a tendency to overprice their home at the outset, and hope for the best when putting it on the market.  This is just not practical or realistic, and overpricing will fundamentally affect how quickly you are going to sell that home.

 My role as your

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  The Piedmont Neighbors and Newcomers Club, as its title indicates, is designed to serve multiple needs.  It reaches out to new residents of Piedmont, and also encourages current residents to join, as a way to meet others in the community, and share common social activities designed to appeal to family members of all ages.     To appeal to the widest variety of members, it schedules both daytime and evening events throughout the year.  Examples include Girls Night In, Weekend Play Date, Holiday Party, Family Game Day and Fourth of July Parade.  Ongoing events throughout the year are Coffee and Playgroup, Book Clubs (3), and Girls and Guys Nights Out.     If this variety of activities interests you, find the ones that suit your needs, and…
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    Piedmont residents--would you like information about Garage Sale Permits, Dog Licenses, Tree Maintenance, Building Permits?  Do you have questions about Fire Inspections, Building Permits, or Piedmont's KCOM-TV?  There is a wealth of information at the "Who Do I Call" page on the city of Piedmont's master website.     Whether you are a new, or a long time Piedmont resident, you may not be aware of the many city services and resources that are available to you simply through making a phone call.   In addition, the Piedmont City Home Page furnishes even more information, which is especially valuable for newer residents.  With a much broader range of information, it offers details about city departments, community links and a…
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True Oakland and Piedmont bargain shoppers know about the outstanding shopping opportunities available at the Dress Best For Less Store located at 3861 Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. Whether they are looking for gently used stylish clothing, or attractive household goods, books and pictures, there is sure to be something that attracts the eye, and the pocketbook.  The good news is that the satellite store, The Marking Room, located at 799 Magnolia Avenue in Piedmont, has even greater bargains to attract the clever buyer.    

What makes these stores extra special is that most of the profits from these stores are donated to the vital Piedmont Educational Foundation, which is committed to promoting educational excellence, and financial support for

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Over the last decade, Oakland residents have seen a dedicated commitment to the growth and redevelopment of the Jack London Square neighborhood.  Imaginative and steady recovery of the area has created exciting new living spaces, as illustrated above.  Whether you are looking for condos or lofts, there are competitively priced homes available.  Whether you are a brand new buyer coming into the market for the first time, or a buyer stepping down into a smaller living space after selling your larger home, there are options to consider. Additionally, more growth is on the way just a bit further south, with the building of the eagerly awaited Brooklyn Basin project.  Current available examples to consider would include those at 288 3rd Street, and 222

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 The Glenview neighborhood is a cozy collection of stores, restaurants, and shops, and highlights what a neighborhood should be. Based around Park Boulevard, and once a stop for the earlier commuter Key Line that ran up to the hills, it reflects its era.  As you can see from the above pictures, there is a strong Art Deco and Spanish stucco influence in the homes and school.  Many tree lined streets and spacious back yards, when combined with innovative architectural designs, invite varied choices for home buyers.  Nearby Oakmore and Trestle Glen neighborhoods continue much of this theme.  

It is centrally located between Highways 13 and 580, which allows an excellent commute to downtown Oakland, San Francisco, or

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