This handsome traditionally styled home, with its dramatic peaked roof, and many, and varied, view windows, is exceptionally well located in central Piedmont at 188 Mountain Avenue.  It is just moments from both downtown and Piedmont Park.  

It offers 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in a very spacious 2864 sf of living space.  

Upon entering the home, guests are welcomed by this warm and very gracious living room that captures exterior light from every source in the room.

 An expansive picture window is coupled with two paired and  multipaned side windows to create a wall of light with a view to the front of the home.  Additional windows above the fireplace add yet more glow.

A central fireplace commands the room, and the generous seating…

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There is so much to experience when one enters this exceptional home located at 115 Latham Street in Piedmont.  It offers 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2098 sf of living space. 

 Its size allows room for a large living room seating area that is centered around a classic central brick fireplace.  An expansive built in glass fronted bookcase invites displays of favorite books and collectibles, with yet more space directly opposite for a wide wooden bureau with its dual layers of drawers and display surface.   

 Much of the drama of this room is created by the exposed beam peaked ceiling that runs the length of the room, and with its coloring that subtly contrasts with the room's darker hardwood flooring.  

Guests can enjoy the comforts of the…

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This inviting, and very engaging, home located at 181 Oak Road in Piedmont, exemplifies all that is appealing in a Mediterranean style living. space.  

Surrounded by palm trees of every size, the classic iron front fence gate opens to a two story home with a distinctive second story front balcony, a heavy wooden door, and a red tile roof.  

It offers a corner lot location, 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, and 2054 sf. of living space.  

The sturdy wooden front door swings open to invite guests to enter this gracious home that is immediately warm and welcoming. 

 The classic off white stucco walls contrast perfectly with the dramatic dark wood of the overhead wooden beams and entry door.  

The front room is wide and spacious, and is…

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This beautifully conceived Piedmont home is located at 1501 Grand Avenue, and offers 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in a generous 1727 sf of living space.  

Its curb appeal is undeniable.  Lush grass and mini gardens are located on either side of a broad walkway that leads to a stunning portico that is dramatically enhanced by a pair of handsome Greek columns, and a sheltered entryway.

A sweeping pair of bow windows on either side of the home captures the exterior views for both the living room and dining room, and directly above are matching view balconies for the bedrooms.  

Guests are welcomed into this softly colored living room that is truly aglow with light streaming in from the four bow windows, and the floor to ceiling window to the…

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This home, with its tranquil setting, sits back from the street, and offers a pleasant solitude among the sheltering trees and greenery that surround it. 

Perfectly located at 76 La Salle Avenue in Piedmont, it offers 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in a generous 2176 sf of living space. 

This location allows easy access to downtown Piedmont, with its outstanding schools, and nearby parks and recreation.  Montclair is minutes away, as is Park Street, which permits easy access to Highways 13 and 580.    

As guests arrive at this gracious home, they are greeted by a beautifully conceived front patio that is perfect for both entertaining and relaxation.  

The living room is aglow from the light that streams in through the far right wall of…

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This unique three story home is comfortably settled in among lush gardens and tall sheltering trees, and provides a sweeping bay area panorama from high above from its outside view porch-literally offering one the best of both worlds.  

Well placed in Piedmont, at 155 Hagar Avenue, it offers 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms in a spacious 2752 sf of living space.  

The third floor, and the top floor, of the house is seen here, and it is perfectly designed to provide a outstanding living space for both private living and marvelous entertaining. 

The entire floorspace is open and inviting, and affords an easy flow of activity as one moves from one location to another.  

The expansive living room portion of the floor easily accommodates…

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For those that enjoy the pleasure and serenity of a soothing home garden, this backyard location should be especially appealing.  Well fenced, well conceived and private, it awaits the attention of both guests and residents.  

Ideally placed at 175 Indian Road, and not far from the many advantages of living in and around downtown Piedmont, the home surrounding this garden offers 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms in a very generous 2643 sf of living space.  

As will be seen as one tours the house, it soon becomes evident that the quality of construction, and the home's design conceptions have been devoted to providing a gracious living space.  

Beginning in the living room, and anchored by a dramatic central fireplace, a tall surrounding…

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This handsome home with its classic English architectural presence and outstanding curb appeal, is located at 1165 Harvard Road in Piedmont.  It offers 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in a generous 1985 sf of living space. 

This pleasant foyer is enhanced with an imaginatively conceived glass paneled front door that adds a soft light to the home's entry.   

This gracious living room is immediately inviting for both guests and residents.  A large and impressive fireplace anchors the room, and provides an ideal space around which to enjoy a pleasant evening's conversation.  

The far wall captures the color and beauty of the exterior greenery that is seen through the unique floor to ceiling windows and door.  

A reverse perspective…

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This handsome home located at 500 Hampton Road in Piedmont, represents the elegance and charm that is regularly associated with homes in this very desirable city.  

It immediately captures they eye with its stunning front gardens and classical architectural composition.  

Expansive in size, it offers 5 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms in a spacious 3177 sf of living space.  

This opening view of the home, with its well established brick work that surrounds the gardens, stairs and front porch, reflects the commitment to quality and beauty that will be seen throughout the home.   

As guests arrive at the house, they are immediately made aware of one of the many welcoming sites that will be discovered throughout the residence.  

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This handsome and elegant Piedmont home provides all the many features that make gracious living a daily experience.  Located on a hillside knoll in the city at 175 Estates Drive, it is an expansive private retreat that is just moments from downtown Piedmont and Montclair Village.  

Its overall presence is particularly notable.  On .55 acre of land +/-, It offers 6 bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms in a remarkable 7652 sf of living space.  

The rear of the home invites garden parties and gracious entertaining with this thoughtfully conceived green lawn and garden, sheltering hedges, and marvelous rear porch.  

The front portico of the home is enhanced with a gracefully arched entryway with classical faux columns on either side, and a handsome…

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