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In my last blog-Part 1-I encouraged sellers to consider some of the qualities that they might consider when selling their Alameda home, or their Alameda Bay Farm Island home.  There are some additional qualities which are mandatory for all successful real estate agents:

1. Posseses A Thorough Knowledge of Real Estate Paperwork and Protocol-In this competitive field, the agent needs to know all about the basic real estate purchase contract, addendums, disclosure forms, listing and selling procedures, whom to talk to, when to talk to them,and in what order and manner.  This only comes with experienced and thorough training.  You need to assure yourself that your agent is qualified to help you by asking lots of questions.  Ask for referrals from the…

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Once you make the commitment to place your Oakland home on the market, you realize that there will changes that you will have to make to its current condition to appeal to potential buyers. Whether your home is located in Redwood Heights, Montclair, or Rockridge, you will need to consider your selling presentation.  Some things will be easy to do, and others may require some financial investment to make your home competitive in the current marketplace. I, as your Oakland real estate agent will be going over many of these things to assist you in making the best presentation possible.  Here are some of the ideas for consideration:

1. Tour Your Home As a Visitor Would--Go through your home as if you were a brand new visitor.  Ideally, take friends or…

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 Recently, in Part 1, we addressed how to keep your newly purchased Alameda home in top condition, and how to keep it in such a way that you could easily to resell it with very little time and money involved in reconditioning it.

In Part 1, we discussed what should be done to the exterior on a regular basis to keep things in shape.  In Part 2, we will follow the same pattern, and address the interior. Here are the basic  interior checks to make:

1. Check the ceilings regularly. Look for any new stains or cracks that might be a warning of some recent event that you should know about. Stains could reveal a leak in the roof, and cracks could alert you to foundation or floor problems.

2. Check the windows and doors on a monthly basis. See if they are…

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While it is my job as your agent to sell your Piedmont home, there are many things that you, as a seller, can do that will move the process and the negotiations along sucessfully.  Here are some ideas:

1. Know What Your Property Is Worth--You are considering selling your home.  One of the most important first steps that you should take is to go my website, or to the various real estate web sites like Trulia or Zillow, and get a sense of what homes like yours are selling for today.  You will be amazed at the wealth of information available.  It may be a shock to you.  If you bought your home at the peak of the home selling cycle a few years ago, you will become aware that your home may not be worth what you want it to be.  If you have a true sense of…

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At the outset, it seems as though it might be a good idea, when selling your Berkeley home, to be present during the day of the Open House.  You might feel that you would prefer to be there because no one can really "know" the property the way that you do, especially if you have lived in the home for a long time. However, the majority of real estate agents will disagree, and this disagreement is brought on by years of past experience.

The first reason uses the concept that "Time is Money". Buying a home is a huge investment for anyone.  Buyers need to look inside and out of every bedroom, closet and washroom.  They need to evaluate the kitchen and the back yard to determine if the home will meet their future needs.  This takes time. It especially takes…

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