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This especially handsome Craftsman style home is located in the desirable Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland at 5701 Keith Avenue.  

Its curb appeal is undeniable, and immediately welcoming.  A splendid, and well established front garden greets guests, and the building's black and white color combination is fresh and crisp.  

It offers 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, and 2042 sf of living space.  

The large covered porch with its sturdy matching square entry pillars that are combined with the the exposed rafters under the both eves above, perfectly illustrate just two of the most popular architectural characteristics of the home's Craftsman heritage.  When paired with the surrounding floral display, the entire home is pleasure to experience.

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High in the Oakland Hills is this exceptional, and beautifully designed home that offers sweeping views of the entire SF Bay area directly below. 

Located in the desirable Piedmont Pines neighborhood of Oakland at 5747 Scarborough Drive, it offers 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with 2232 sf of living space.

Both levels of the entire western facing frontage of the home have been conceived in such a way that captures this unobstructed sweep of the SF Bay area below-from the Marin Hills to San Francisco, San Francisco Bay, both the Oakland Bay Bridge, The Golden Gate Bridge, and Oakland. 

These marvelous floor to ceiling sliding glass doors that are seen along the entire front of the home offer easy passage inside and out, and the wide wooden…

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This splendid Mediterranean style home, located at 1817 Leimert Boulevard, sits high on a hill in Oakland's popular Oakmore neighborhood, and has commanding curb appeal.  It is the epitome of relaxed and gracious living.  

It offers 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in a triple level living experience, with 3711 sf of space.  

Upon arrival at the home, guests are greeted with a pair of open air, and view oriented, front patios that begin to reveal the goal of gracious indoor/outdoor living that characterizes this style of home.  

At literally every turn, the distinctive touch of Mediterranean style architecture reveals itself in the multi-level tile capped roofs, the arched windows and doorways, the multiple balconies, and the outstanding wrought…

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This handsome home, with its subtle Tudor architectural influence, is found high in the Oakland hills in Montclair at 5978 Glenarms Drive.  It offers 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in a spacious 2215 sf of living space.  

It is exceptionally well located in the hills close to the North Oakland Regional Sports Center, Temescal Regional Recreation Center, and Tilden Park is close by for those who enjoy outdoor activities, and it is close to the shopping and dining centers of both Berkeley, Rockridge, and Montclair.

Highways 13 and 24 interchange also close by, giving immediate access to Oakland and San Francisco to the west, and Contra Costa County to the east.  

The inviting rear garden is large, and awaits pleasant outdoor parties, special…

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This handsome brown shingle home sits comfortably among others like it at 43 Montell Street in Oakland's Piedmont Avenue neighborhood. 

What makes it unique is, unlike the other brown shingle homes around it, is that it was built by the builder/owner for his own personal home in 1959, creating a special and distinctive living space.   

It offers 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms in a very pleasant 1878 sf of living space.  

A sturdy front door, dual windowed entryway, and sheltered porch welcomes guests into this engaging architectural experience.  

This expansive, light filled living room is immediately welcoming, with more than generous space for entertaining, and offering multiple design options for furniture placement. 


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This outstanding hillside home combines two very desirable features that are always in demand--large, beautifully conceived rooms, and a panoramic Bay area view below.

Located at 7832 Hillmont Drive in the Oakland hills, it offers 4 bedrooms, 4 1/2 bathrooms and 3334 square feet of gracious living. 

The entire space seen above represents an outstanding living experience.  Tall, softly lit ceilings supplement the exterior lighting that is captured by the floor to ceiling windows and doors seen along the western  side of the home.  

The very size and scope of the room encourages a variety of potential floorplans that can take advantage of, and capture, both the interior and exterior beauty of the house.  

This home is designed for both…

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This distinctive, and truly charming Tudor style home makes an outstanding first impression.  Bearing all the classical elements of this classic design, it offers the expected castle like roof peaks, arches, and turrets, and awaits one who wants estate like living close to everything the area has to offer. 

Located at 4628 Melton Avenue in Oakland, it offers 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a full downstairs apartment in a very spacious 2690 sf of living space.  

As would be expected in a home of this character, this English style newly landscaped, and fully developed rear yard provides a privacy and serenity that is created by the presence of its many fully grown trees, bushes, and garden.  

As with all Tudor themed homes, guests will…

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This exceptionally well located home at 2520 Delmer Street in Oakland's Dimond Heights neighborhood has been recently renovated to create a welcoming, and very appealing, living space for its new owners.  

It offers 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms in a very comfortable 1567 sf of living space.  

It is close to the many shops and restaurants of the Dimond District, and just a short trip away from Montclair Village, and its equally engaging retail district. 

Highway 580 is just a short drive away, as is Highway 13, both of which can take one easily to Oakland, San Francisco, or Contra Costa County.  Sequoia Elementary School is nearby. 


A large sheltered porch, with a handsome front door, welcomes both guests and residents as they…

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This charming two story home is located at 2035 17th Avenue in the Highland Terrace neighborhood of Oakland.  It offers 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, with 1412 sf of living space.   It has been impressively updated within.   Exceptionally well located, it provides easy access to downtown Oakland, Lake Merritt, and both Highways 880 and 580,  

As one views the home from the exterior, one can see the Craftsman bungalow style that is, and was, so especially popular in California.  It's overhanging eaves, generous wooden window and door trim, and efficient, but inviting garden represent just a start of what will be seen here.  

Worth Noting--There have been many upgrades to the home, which will be noted below, but most dramatic is the effect of both…

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Homes in Hiller Highlands have always been some of the best locations for sweeping Bay area views, and this one is no exception.  This outstanding townhome, located at 1854 Grand View Drive, offers 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 1994 sf of living space.  

This light filled living room is conceived in such a way that light is invited in from every level, floor to ceiling, to create a outstanding ambiance that is immediately welcoming-no matter what the time of day.  

The key to this effect is the presence of the softly colored, and very dramatic, peaked ceiling that is designed in such a way that it captures and directs the incoming sunlight to the room.

The other notable feature here is the captivating fireplace that creates a drama of its own…

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