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Well located in the hills above central Montclair, this soothing retreat is surrounded by the pleasant trees and inviting grounds and gardens that make this location so prized.  Located at 6960 Paso Robles Drive, the home offers 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms in 1681 sf of living space.  

Guests and residents are immediately welcomed and invited to relax and enjoy this spacious, and well tended, front garden that is enhanced with this generous seating area.  This can be an ideal spot for parties, barbeques, and luncheons.  

Upon arrival, due to the very appealing open floor plan of the residence, guests can easily move in many directions, but the first will no doubt be to this very comfortable living room.   

The distinctive impression of…

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Ideally located high in the hills above Oakland on a quiet street at 6780 Oakwood Drive, is this extraordinary 4 bedroom. 4 1/2 bathroom home.  It is remarkably spacious, providing 3912 sf +/- of living space.  

Its compelling curb appeal reveals an imaginative exterior design.  Its interior living space is conceived in a way to take advantage of the exterior light, while insuring a desirable privacy amongst the trees and plantings that surround it.  

This home is ideal for those who enjoy gracious entertaining.  Everything about it reflects an atmosphere of relaxation and beauty. 

The floor to ceiling windows that line the living room, and the sliding glass doors to the outside deck, provide warm indoor lighting, and an indoor/outdoor…

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This delightful home, located at 1420 Fernwood Drive in upper Montclair is a highly engaging mixture of Craftsman charm, and modern, imaginative updating-all beautifully melded together resulting in this impressive living space.  

It offers 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in a generous 2880 sf of living space.  

Tucked in among the hills of Oakland's Fernwood neighborhood, is this classically designed Craftsman home, complete with pillared porch and overhanging eave.  

An entry porch that is awash in light welcomes all to this handsome home.  The cozy corner niche is available for quiet reading and relaxation, if desired. 

A turn to the left at the entry hall reveals this splendid living room that captures all the appeal of its…

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This spectacular hillside view home is compelling in its presence from the moment that one enters this dramatic atrium, and throughout its clean, modern, and updated living spaces.  

Located on a private cul de sac in the hills above Oakland at 6568 Swainland Road, it provides a quiet drama and beauty to each and every room- effectively beginning with the 18 foot ceilings above the entry door.  It offers 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in an exceedingly spacious 3345 sf of living space.  

Stepping down into the living room, the color palate of this unique space is immediately revealed.  The spectacular overhead circular beamed ceiling offers a  soft golden color that contrasts beautifully with the white walls, and the unique black of the…

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This charming hillside home, located at 6173 Ascot Drive in the Piedmont Pines neighborhood of Oakland, has outstanding curb appeal.  The lush green of the lawns and gardens combines beautifully with the soft shadings of the tall, well established trees that surround the property.  It offers 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in a generous 2639 sf of living space.  

Entry into the home reveals this engaging living space around which many a pleasant evening, afternoon lunch, or late dinner can be planned.

As will be seen, each of these spaces combines beautifully together into a well conceived harmony.  

To begin, this marvelous living room is large enough to accommodate generous and varied seating configurations around the pleasant, and…

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High atop the Oakland hills in the Montclair neighborhood of the city, is this imaginative and dramatic view home.  It is located at 6855 Elverton Drive, and offers 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in a very generous 4100 sf of living space.   

This magical home seems to be suspended in space above all the others, and provides a special sunrise and sunset every day.  An expansive outdoor deck with sweeping views captures each and every one of these events.  

Entry into the home reveals this glowing, and warmly lit foyer that begins to reveal the drama of the home directly below.  

Guests will enter the house through this distinctive sweep of stairs that curves gently downward to the living area.  

Just at the base of the stairs…

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High above Montclair Village in Oakland, is this tranquil 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bathroom home that is settled in among the trees and hills of this very pleasant community. 

Located at 2981 Holyrood Drive in the Piedmont Pines neighborhood, it combines the area's Tahoe like ambiance with a perfect proximity to neighborhood shopping, and efficient commuter access.  

As can be seen here, and in the view below, the entire front of the home has been conceived as a vacation retreat.  A handsome wooden fence runs along the front of the property with entry  through a delightful peaked gate.

An highly effective roof extension provides shelter from the sun when needed on bright, sunny days

A different perspective reveals dual entrances into the…

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One of the pleasures of living in the Montclair hills of Oakland is the availability of homes with the unique combination of Bay area views, and Tahoe like living. 

Nestled among the well established hillside trees is this outstanding home located at 6589 Oakwood Drive.   It offers 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms in a very spacious 3331 sf +/- of living space.  

What a pleasure to be able to enjoy this view each day-one that is changing constantly as the light and seasons change. This SF Bay, two bridge panorama, is most certainly a daily gift. 

Just off the deck seen above, is this imaginatively conceived family room.  It is perfectly designed to provide effortless indoor/outdoor living, utilizing the presence of a sliding glass door…

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This impressive hillside home is located in the Montclair neighborhood of Oakland at 5820 Snake Road.  As with all mid century modern homes, it presents a dramatic first appearance, yet it settles in comfortably among the trees and grounds that surround the home.  

Designed by renowned architect Leon Meyer, it offers 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms in 1542 +/- sf of living space.   

This home is beautifully adapted to its natural surroundings.  It is enveloped by the beauty of the well established surrounding trees, gardens and greenery, and seems to capture it again, once one enters inside. 

The front door entryway begins to give a taste of the unique architectural concept that this home represents.  The large entryway is enhanced with…

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This captivating hillside home is located in the Oakland hills above Montclair Village at 6194 Mazuela Drive.  It makes an commanding first impression with its imaginative multi-level dormers, dual garages for ease of parking, and the subtly colored front pavers.  

It offers 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms in a very generous 3425 sf +/- of living space.  

This handsome entry way, with its graceful front arch, incorporates the subtle greys and whites of the exterior of the home, and combines them with an impressive wood paneled  front door for color contrast.  

Guests entering the home are immediately welcomed into this exceptional living room whose whole purpose is to capture the drama and beauty of  hillside living.  Surrounded by two…

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