Homes Near Crocker Highlands School For Sale

Crocker Highlands School, located at 525 Midcrest Road, is comprised of approximately 375 students who attend Kindergarten through 5th grade at this pleasant school on a hillside in Oakland.  It is one of the highest rated elementary schools in the city, with an Academic Performance Index of 949 out of a possible 1000 points. In addition to its comprehensive educational program, it has an outstanding after school program which is coordinated by the PTA with an ongoing goal to supplement classroom education with exciting and delightful programs that are fun and informational at the same time.  Besides offering a variety of sports programs, other opportunities include Martial Arts, Musical Theater, Cooking, Dancing, and more.  Supplementing this still further is the Adventure Time Program.  The goal of Adventure Time is to provide before and after school child care, help with homework, and arts, crafts, music, games and more to engage the children participating.


Crocker Highland Area School Homes

Funds for these events mentioned above comes through many fund raising activities throughout the year. Two popular events include the Spring Auction, and the Fall Walkathon. Additional fun and funds come from the Dad's Club Spaghetti Feed, the May Family Carnival and the Holiday Craft Fair. 

The neighborhood itself is approximately located above Lakeshore Avenue over to Park Boulevard, and adjacent to the city of Piedmont.  The homes are more of a traditional design, since most were built during the 1920's and 1930's.  Architectural designs include Arts & Craft, Art Deco, Mediterranean, NeoClassical, Tudor and Spanish.  Gardens abound, and the winding hillside roads add a great deal to the area's charm. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The homes shown here, while in close proximity to Crocker Highlands School, may or may not be within the Oakland School District's boundaries for Crocker Highlands School.   You will need to confirm with the the Oakland Unified School District as to whether any homes that interest you here will fall with the school's boundaries.