Homes Near Joaquin Miller School For Sale

Located in the Oakland foothills, at 5525 Ascot Drive, and immediately adjacent to Oakland's Montclair Village, is Joaquin Miller School. It has approximately 421 students attending Kindergarten through 5th grade classes. The school, students and teachers are very proud that they have achieved a California Academic Performance Index Rating of 908 out of a possible 1000 points possible.  They have worked very hard to supplement each child's educational experience both in and out of the classroom, and it shows.

Joaquin Miller School Homes

In the classroom, the PTA has funded enrichment staff that includes a librarian, ceramics instructor, 5 teaching assistants, a technology/computer lab instructor, physical education enrichment, and much more.  To enhance each student's experience even more, there is a very varied and engaging after school program, also sponsored by the PTA.  Here are opportunites that there is just not enough time for in the busy daily classroom curriculum.  Very popular classes include foreign language classes, drama, visual arts, sewing, carpentry,various science classes and chess.  Additionally, there is a PTA Music Program for students from grades 3-5 who can learn to play instruments and perform in school concerts. 

One of the most engaging programs is the Living History Program, where, depending on the age of the student, they will be deeply involved in discovering a cultural history that has become a part of the school's makeup.  The children will learn the arts and and history of each group, and make plans to dress accordingly, and prepare appropriate and representative food.  First Graders learn about Asian Americans, Second Graders prepare a Thanksgiving feast, and are seen in Montclair Park dressed as Pilgrims or early Indians.  Third Graders learn about early California Ranchos, Fourth Graders about the African American Migration To California, and lastly, Fifth Graders learn about American Colonial History. 

 PLEASE NOTE:  The homes shown here, while in close proximity to Joaquin Miller School, may or may not be within the Oakland School District's boundaries for Joaquin Miller School.   You will need to confirm with the the Oakland Unified School District as to whether any homes that interest you here will fall with the school's boundaries.