Homes For Sale Near Montclair School 

Oakland's Montclair School, located at 1757 Mountain Boulevard, is centrally located in Montclair Village in Oakland, California, and has a lot to recommend it.  Hosting classes from Kindergarten through 5th grade, it has approximately 439 students.  The school's teachers and students have achieved a California Academic Perfomance rating of 954 out of a possible 1000 points-something to be very proud of. 

Homes Near Montclair School

There are many elements that go into the educational program here.  Beside the daily classroom programs, there are after school enrichment programs onsite, offering a wide variety of classes that include ceramics, wire art, hands-on science projects, robotics, and so much more.  Supplemental school programs funded by PTA fund raising activities include Infused Motor Curriculum Programs, teacher aides, iPad labs and tech education, plus musical and library events. 

While there are many parental efforts to supplement the school's many programs, two of the most popular events are The Otter Walk, and The Otter Ball.  The Otter Walk (named after the school mascot, of course) is held in October, and encourages all participants to gather sponsors to support them as they walk designated distances.  Funds are raised in this manner, in addition to onsite bidding boards, which post many activities, events, parties and gifts that are donated by the community to raise yet further funds.  The Otter Ball is held in the spring at an elegant venue with the same concept of fund raising donations being offered for bidding. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The homes shown here, while in close proximity to Montclair School, may or may not be within the Oakland School District's boundaries for Montclair School.   You will need to confirm with the the Oakland Unified School District as to whether any homes that interest you here will fall with the school's boundaries.