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The area known as Prescott or the Prescott Oakland Point neighborhood (with parts to the south also commonly called "the Lower Bottoms") is one of the oldest residential and commercial areas in Oakland. It became home to a diverse community of Europeans, Mexicans, Asians, and African Americans. Seventh Street was an African-American cultural center of Oakland from the 1940s to the 1960s, due to nightclubs such as Slim Jenkins' Place, Esther's Orbit Room and the Lincoln Theater, which drew top blues and jazz performers from across the United States. [Read more...]

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1771 Chase St, Oakland


↓ $5,000,000

1771 Chase St, Oakland

0 Beds 0 Baths 42,820 SqFt Land MLS® # 41012495


1797 12th St, Oakland


1797 12th St, Oakland

0 Beds 0 Baths 17,575 SqFt Land MLS® # 41046867

Fred Valverde FRED VALVERDE, BROKERBridge MLS Logo

1502 8th, Oakland


1502 8th, Oakland

13 Beds 0 Baths 5,510 SqFt Residential Income MLS® # 41066155

Briana Kessler Delta Dolls RealtyBridge MLS Logo

1642 14th St, Oakland


1642 14th St, Oakland

5 Beds 0 Baths 2,168 SqFt Residential Income MLS® # 41051496

Richard Fleming Realty ONE Group FutureBridge MLS Logo

875 Wood St, Oakland


875 Wood St, Oakland

5 Beds 0 Baths 2,137 SqFt Residential Income MLS® # 41053624

Ming Shao Coldwell Banker RealtyBridge MLS Logo

1662 14th Street, Oakland


↑ $1,000

1662 14th Street, Oakland

6 Beds 4 Baths 1,900 SqFt Residential MLS® # 41057181

Conner Applegate Conner Applegate, BrokerBridge MLS Logo

912 Peralta St, Oakland


912 Peralta St, Oakland

3 Beds 2 Baths 1,650 SqFt Residential MLS® # 41066347

Burnard Myers Golden Gate Sotheby's International RealtyBridge MLS Logo

1240 10th St, Oakland


1240 10th St, Oakland

5 Beds 0 Baths 2,430 SqFt Residential Income MLS® # 41060021

Reva Tolbert Coldwell Banker RealtyBridge MLS Logo

1432 12th St, Oakland


↓ $50,000

1432 12th St, Oakland

6 Beds 0 Baths 1,918 SqFt Residential Income MLS® # 41053911

Tia Hunnicutt Proxima RealtyBridge MLS Logo

1415 9th St, Oakland


↑ $17,000

1415 9th St, Oakland

4 Beds 2 Baths 1,982 SqFt Residential MLS® # 41061395

Taylor Sublett CompassBridge MLS Logo

824 Henry St, Oakland


824 Henry St, Oakland

5 Beds 4 Baths 2,505 SqFt Residential MLS® # 41063230

Joe Stevenson Radius Agent RealtyBridge MLS Logo

1036 Willow St, Oakland


↓ $5,000

1036 Willow St, Oakland

10 Beds 0 Baths 1,850 SqFt Residential Income MLS® # 41054801

Jaynelle Bell Watermark PropertiesBridge MLS Logo

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The Prescott Real Estate Market

The Prescott Oakland Point area was sometimes referred to as "The Harlem of the West." The historic decline of Seventh Street was attributed to freeway construction, the Oakland Main Post Office, and the elevated BART tracks, but recent gentrification is changing the flavor of the area once again, and many see West Oakland luxury condos and other homes for sale—especially in this neighborhood—as one of the best investments to make right now in the Bay Area real estate market.

Once the most devalued neighborhood in Oakland, the Lower Bottoms now has some newly rehabilitated Victorian homes that have recently sold for $700,000. More and more, the Prescott neighborhood continues to rise in recognition as a sought after area to live. Acknowledged as a culturally diverse historic center of the Bay Area, and valued for its proximity to San Francisco, it is a dynamic community worth checking out.

Most of the houses are historic Victorians built between 1860 and 1900. Oakland Point was the terminus of the first transcontinental railroad, and now has one of the most intact Victorian districts in the state. With the addition of newer townhouses and condominiums for sale such as the Pacific Cannery Lofts, Prescott remains a thriving socially and ethnically mixed neighborhood, while growth and changes continue to shape the area.

Where is Prescott?

The borders of Prescott Oakland Point form a large triangle between Mandela Parkway to the east, I-880 where it runs parallel to the Frontage Road to the west, and along Oakland's 7th Street to the south. The overlapping neighborhood considered to be "Lower Bottoms" extends beyond the triangle, including the Oakland Main Post Office, as well as residential streets lying to the south of 7th Street).

The West Oakland BART station on 7th Street near Mandela Parkway is the last stop in Oakland before heading into the tube, making the commute time from Prescott into the city so short it's been dubbed, "closer to San Francisco than San Francisco." West Oakland BART has 271 trains pass through daily, and a train ride to Embarcadero station takes just six minutes. With trains every 90 seconds during commute time, Prescott does indeed offer residents a shorter commute time into downtown San Francisco than almost any other residential neighborhood on either side of the bay.

In addition, all major freeways, AC Transit lines, and Amtrak connect the Prescott Oakland Point neighborhood to every major location in the Bay Area. Dining, shopping, and entertainment are within easy reach in every direction.

Things to Do in the Prescott Neighborhood

There are a few bars around the area and some shopping options such as the Mandela Foods Cooperative on 7th Street near the BART station, but residents will find most of their shopping and entertainment needs located in surrounding areas. A Target, along with other big supermarket, office supply, and hardware chains are all a short drive or bike ride away in Emeryville. All of the myriad restaurants and nightlife of Jack London Square are also close and easy to access by BART or car.

Local favorites in Prescott or the nearby vicinity include: Revolution Coffee, Brown Sugar Kitchen for chicken and waffles, Berkeley Bowl West for groceries and amazing produce, Ikea for home decor, Bay Street for shopping and cinemas, and AMC Theaters or Yoshi's Jazz club in Jack London Square. Several community organizations are based in Prescott Oakland Point, including the Lower Bottoms Neighborhood Association, the Prescott-Joseph Center, the Prescott-Oakland Point Neighborhood Association, and the Lower Bottom Playaz theater troupe.

The Village Bottoms Cultural District is an emerging neighborhood commercial hub, organized in 2000 by local entrepreneurs, artists, and community organizers. It aims at redevelopment with an emphasis on the area's black cultural roots, and works in cooperation with Black Dot Artists, Incorporated, and Ecocity Builders.

Prescott Neighborhood Schools

PLACE—the Preparatory Literary Academy of Cultural Excellence—is part of Prescott Elementary school, and is the only public OUSD option within the neighborhood. Though not one of Oakland's highest rated for academic excellence, the school's vision is that "all students will achieve academically when they are active, social, and creative learners." The teachers are devoted to an inquiry-based approach, and development of personal and social responsibility by instituting structures that promote self-respect, positive social interactions, and community involvement.

Prescott school is seen as a vital piece of Oakland history. Ida Louise Jackson, Oakland’s first African-American teacher, taught here starting in 1925—thirteen years before any other school hired a black teacher. The campus itself has been home to students for well over a century, since 1869.

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