Piedmont's Homes Close To Beach School For Sale

Piedmont's Beach School, located at 100 Lake Drive, is one of three elementary schools in Piedmont, California.  Piedmont is a small community of 11,000 according to the 2010 census.  It is located in the hills above Oakland, and just below Oakland's Montclair Village.  It is fully committed to its schools and their children, and provides a wide variety of opportunities for each.

Homes Near Beach School

Beach School is located at 100 Lake Avenue, has approximately 360 students, and a ratio of 20 students per teacher according to recent reports.  It educates children from kindergarten through 5th grade. Built in 1913, it was the second school built in Piedmont, and was originally called Lake Avenue School.  In 1918, the name was changed to Egbert W. Beech School in honor of a popular and and active local resident.  It has undergone many changes since then.  During the Depression era, through 1940, it was completely torn down and renovated.  Another major change occurred a few years ago when the school was closed to be seismically updated and renovated once again.  In Fall of 2012, after much work, the school was reopened.  With this opening came two new classrooms, and a new outdoor playground, edible gardens and much more. 

One of its most active participants in the students' growth and development  has been the Beach Parent's Association.  Their fund raising activities, and daily involvement have made possible school enrichment programs in arts, science, and math, and much more.  They also help support a technology teacher at the school. In addition to school hours, the Association has established an after school fee-based programs in a wide variety of areas of interest.  These programs include classes in Spanish, technology, science, drama, chess, and dance.  There is a lot going on at Beach School!

IMPORTANT NOTEThe homes shown here, while in close proximity to Beach School,  may, or may not be within the Beach School PUSD boundaries.  You will need to confirm with the Piedmont Unified School District as to whether any homes that might interest you will fall within the school's boundaries.