Luxury Homes in Piedmont For Sale

The City of Piedmont is nestled in the lush Oakland Hills. An area completely surrounded by Oakland addresses—it even shares a zip code with parts of neighboring Montclair— Piedmont is nevertheless a separate charter city (incorporated in 1907) with its own local government and community services. This distinctive neighborhood of 11,000 residents, known for serene, tree-lined avenues and luxurious homes, is sought after for the high-quality of its schools and boasts five city parks filled with rambling wooded paths, picnic facilities, playgrounds, and tennis courts within a footprint of only 1.7 square miles. For those seeking the convenience of an Oakland address with a safe and pretty small town vibe, Piedmont offers real estate with stunning views of San Francisco from the haven of an established community of single family, million dollar properties in a peaceful setting. Beautiful Piedmont, California , located in the East Bay Hills, consists of 1.7 miles, and 10,000+ people. Completely surrounded by Oakland, the city was incorporated in 1907.  Piedmont originally evolved from Spanish land grants of the 1820's- 1850's (starting with Don Luis Peralta), to dairy farms and grain ranches in the 1850's-1870's, and then saw a migration of wealth from San Francisco in the late 1800's.

Piedmont Luxury Real Estate

Piedmont luxury homes can be said, by definition, to occupy most of the city of Piedmont. Homes here were built, from the earliest development of the city, to reflect luxury.  When Piedmont experienced its major growth in the 1920's and 1930's, wealthy homeowners hired top architects to design their homes with the intention to live a grand lifestyle.  As we mention on our page about Piedmont, during this time period, Piedmont became known as the "City of Millionaires" for having more millionaires per square mile than anywhere else in the country. Julia Morgan, Albert Farr, and Miller & Warnecke are just a few of the famous architects who have left their mark on the city's architectural history. The 1920's and 1930's development was at a height, and Today, most of the mansions and grand homes built throughout the eras have remained, not only intact, but refurbished and refreshed for the next generation.

In addition to stately architecture, and a close knit community spirit, the city offers its own fire and police departments, and a highly rated school system. Piedmont schools have historically maintained a top notch reputation, and have achieved gold star status on both state and national levels. Each school has consistently maintained a California Academic Performance Index of 900 or more out of a desired top score of 1000. Additionally, in 2016, Newsweek rated Piedmont High a high ranking of #25 out of 100 of the Best Public High Schools in the nation.  As a district, Piedmont offers three elementary schools-Havens, Wildwood and Beach, one middle School-Piedmont Middle School, and one high school-Piedmont High School. The city also provides pristine parks with gorgeous old trees, a variety of sports fields (Witter Field was built where a 19th century maze and Japanese tea house once existed), a fantastic recreation department, a neighbors and newcomers club for some old fashioned community experiences, and a wide variety of unique resources for its residents.

Famous residents have included, Jack London, Clint Eastwood, Al Davis, William F. Knowland, Robert S. McNamara, the Ghirardelli family,  James Gamble, Charles Schwab, Dean Witter  Billie Joe Armstrong, Bill Romanowski, Bubba Paris, Peter Docter, Sonny Dykes, Alex Hirsch, and Dave McCarty to name a few.