Fremont Investment  Properties

Fremont is the 4th largest city in the Bay Area, the result of incorporating 5 smaller cities into one in 1956.  Cities included were Centerville, Mission San Jose, Irvington, Warm Springs and Niles.  As a result, you have the homes with the small town historic charm of Niles and Centerville, mixed with the more sophisticated hillside homes within the Mission San Jose neighborhoods.


Fremont Residential Income For Sale

If it were possible to generalize the overall appearance of most of the homes in central Fremont, it could be said that they are variations of the classic Ranch style.  This would include a spacious front and back yard, an attached garage, 2-4 bedrooms, a family room, and patio.  Various subdivisions have changed the design a bit by adding another story, changing the roof line or adding exterior trim, but the concept is this popular and classic design.  

Towards the end of the 20th Century, homes were built in the hills above the city, and these were much more dramatic in design, and planned to incorporate city or hillside views.  These are very modern, with Spanish, Italian and Mediterranean influences and feature many amenities.  Examples would include dramatic entryways, tile floors, sweeping staircases, floor to ceiling windows, large family rooms, and gourmet kitchens.