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Oakland's Rockridge Neighborhood is a thriving residential neighborhood and commercial district, considered to be among the most sought-after neighborhoods in Oakland. In 2002, Rockridge was listed by Money Magazine as one of the "best places to live" in America. Rockridge (or "Lower Rockridge") is home to couples, singles, and families of all ages seeking a neighborhood feel in an urban setting. The area attracts affluent neighbors from Upper Rockridge and "starving art students" attending the California College of the Arts at the south edge of the neighborhood. In the bustle of Market Hall, patrons sample cheeses and freshly made salads at the deli, or buy the fresh catch of the day at the fish market. Living in Rockridge, one is surrounded by open air markets where the pigeons sometimes wander into the bakery only to be shooed away, and running into a friend by chance outside Highwire Coffee is an almost common occurrence. With its flat terrain, pleasant year-round weather, friendly neighbors, and locally-owned small businesses, Rockridge is a laid back slice of Oakland best experienced on foot.  For those looking to buy houses in Oakland, Rockridge offers luxurious homes built in the 1920s and 1930s when the area was first developed. These are some of the most beautifully maintained, original craftsman-style homes in all of California. Rockridge real estate is known for exceptional architectural details and craftsmanship, in a range of sizes—from cozy 2 bedroom/1 bath bungalows to spacious 4 bedroom/2 bathroom houses, in Brown Shingle or Prairie Style. Mediterraneans, Tudors, and traditional architecture styles also dot the neighborhood, and many residents put great effort into creating stunning front gardens filled with colorful, drought-tolerant bay area native plants. Because people rarely leave Rockridge once they move here, scarcity has caused prices to remain stable or even rise slightly during many real estate cycles. While hard to find, rental property in Rockridge remains a good investment, and units rent quickly for very high rents.

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The Rockridge shopping district runs along College Avenue from Broadway to Alcatraz and is generally defined as the area east of Telegraph Avenue, south of the Berkeley city limits, west of the Oakland Hills, and north of the intersection of Pleasant Valley Avenue/ 51st Street and Broadway. Highway 24 has easy on and off-ramps at College Avenue, right next to Rockridge BART and centrally located in the neighborhood. This station is a major public transportation hub, offering a good amount of well-lighted, partially covered parking (fee-based during commute hours, and free the rest of the time). From Rockridge BART, you can easily find an Uber or Lyft day or night, and connect by train, bus, or casual carpool to any bay area airport or transportation hub. Travel time to Montgomery station in San Francisco's downtown financial district averages 22 minutes.


The Rockridge neighborhood is home to nearly eighty restaurants (many Zagat rated). On a stroll down College Avenue one can sample foodie treats at Market Hall, browse designer and casual clothing shops, and explore charming boutiques filled with unique, handmade home décor. In the evening, upscale dining and watering holes like Wood Tavern and Bourbon & Beef mix in with the pool table crowd at dive bars like George & Walt's or McNally's Irish Pub. Rockridge has several active community organizations, such as the Rockridge District Association, and the Rockridge Community Planning Council. The Rockridge News is published monthly and hand delivered to every resident's home. Rockridge is also home to a community-built park called the Rockridge-Temescal Greenbelt, a linear park anchored at each end by two unique play structures. Commonly known as Frog Park, for FROG ("Friends of the Rockridge-Temescal Greenbelt"), the organization which helped create it. FROG was organized in 2001 and raised more than $100,000 from the Rockridge community to create the park. The two play structures were built entirely by volunteers, with a landscaped path following Temescal Creek winding between them, stretching from Hudson to Redondo Street. The park has basketball courts, a dog park, a butterfly garden, public art by Mark Brest van Kempen, and many picnic tables and benches.


Chabot Elementary School, founded in 1927, serves grades kindergarten through 5th. Chabot consistently scores high in statewide assessments, and the Chabot PTA offers extensive after-school programs including language immersion classes and arts and music classes. Claremont Middle School has occupied its campus on College Avenue in the heart of Rockridge since 1913. It serves more than 400 students, grades 6-8. Rockridge students in grades 9 through 12 attend Oakland Technical High School. An “alternative” public school, Far West High School, is a visual arts-focused campus for grades 7–12 on Broadway Terrace, across the street from the California College of the Arts.