Homes Near Piedmont's Havens School 

 Homes Near Piedmont Havens School are truly representative of the wide variety of outstanding architectural designs for which Piedmont is famous.  Whether the style is Mediterranean, Italianate, Tudor, Contemporary or Craftsman, most are found there.  The school itself is located on one of the main streets in Piedmont.  Located at 323 Highland Avenue, it is not at its original location.  The original Havens school was the first elementary school built in Piedmont, and was called Piedmont (Bonita Avenue) School.  When moved, it was renamed after Frank C. Havens, who had donated the original land for the first school, and rebuilt Piedmont Park.

Havens School Homes

The current Havens school has 483 students, and a remarkable 16:1 student to teacher ratio, which compares very favorably with California's average of 22:1 ratio.  In addition to its present curriculum, it offers an outstanding array of enrichment programs to its students.  Included are enrichment opportunities in art, computer lab, library, math, music, PE, science, special education and reading resources. 

There is a very active after school program that works together with the Piedmont Recreation Department to ensure that students who stay after hours are able to stay on site, or will be transported off site to attend off campus Rec Department activities.  Programs are specifically tailored to each age group, and include arts and crafts, games, sports activities, and a wide variety of enrichment programs. 

The Havens Parent's Club is particularly active in many areas, one of which is fund raising.  They have raised money to fund teacher's aides, computer software and hardware, the computer resource specialist, the library, math, and science specialist, 5th grade chess, PEP, CAP, and more.

PLEASE NOTE:  The homes shown here, while in close proximity to Havens School, may or may not be within the Havens PUSD boundaries.  You will need to confirm with the Piedmont Unified School District as to whether any homes that interest you here will fall with the school's boundaries.