Lakeshore Homes For Sale

The vibrant Lakeshore-Grand neighborhood began as a trolley stop for the historic Trestle Glen rail line. You can still feel its “meeting place” personality today, as people flock here on weekends to stroll along the shoreline paths of Lake Merritt, explore the Grand Lake farmer's market on Saturday, see the latest indie hit or blockbuster film at the iconic Grand Lake Theatre, or enjoy the many boutiques and bistros in the bustling shopping district centered around where the Lakeshore the Lakeshore neighborhoods meet. "Lakeshore" or "Lakeshore-Grand" is predominately a pleasant middle-class community with well-maintained homes spreading across the rolling hills, creating a tree-lined community extends from the northern tip of Lake Merritt through a few of Oakland’s busiest commercial districts. The majority of homes for sale in Lakeshore-Grand were built just before the Great Depression. You’ll find large stucco Craftsman and California Bungalows as well as some Spanish Mediterranean, Tudor and Mid-Century real estate to choose from.  There are occasionally condos for sale in the area, and some quaint older apartment buildings—million dollar properties with income potential in an extremely desirable east bay location. Duplex and four-plex properties are sprinkled through the area, as well. The district is largely residential. Pretty, upscale houses with lush curbside greenery on windy roads dot the upper-echelon of the district, with many of the homes built atop two car garages. As you walk up into the hilly parts of Lakeshore, it seems each property has more space around it than the home before it. From many of these home fronts you will get a fantastic view of the Oakland skyline, or the natural beauty of Lake Merritt.

Real Estate in Lakeshore


This central, triangular Oakland neighborhood stretches out to the south of Grand Avenue from where the Grand Lake Theatre sits, visible from I-580. It begins at the north end of Lake Merritt, above the I-580 freeway, and extends to the border of Piedmont at the north, and Crocker Highlands/ Trestle Glen to the east. As a small district tucked in neatly between other Lower Hills neighborhoods, it shares many of the same characteristics of its more affluent counterparts, organized with more expensive houses perched on the northernmost hillsides while more affordable homes lie closer to where I-580 hugs the border.


Even if you live elsewhere in Oakland, Berkeley, or beyond, you will find yourself spending time in the Lakeshore-Grand neighborhood. These two parallel streets are packed with people enjoying the cafes, clothing and bookstores, ethnic restaurants, and majestic Grand Lake Theatre. The landmark movie house has a colorful art deco marquee boasting first run movies—and sometimes passionate political statements from its owner. Living in the neighborhood has definite advantages, when weekend parking is most challenging, and the rain-or-shine Farmer’s Market fills the plaza. Any day of the week, you can enjoy artisanal coffee, a variety of ethnic foods, fresh flowers, and boutique shopping amongst a diverse community in one of Oakland’s most vibrant neighborhoods. Besides ubiquitous chain offerings such as Trader Joe's and Starbucks, there are some good local favorites to discover in Lakeshore. Boot and Shoe Service serves upscale morning coffee and farm-to-fork pizzas and cocktails come evening. Easy Lounge, a chill little bar, and Mezze, a great Mediterranean restaurant, and Arizmendi cooperative bakery are just a few of the gems this neighborhood has to offer.


Residences in the Lakeshore-Grand community are part of the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). Without any public schools within its borders, Lakeshore children are typically assigned to Crocker Highlands and Piedmont Avenue Elementary schools, and Westlake Middle school. Within the community borders, Grand Lake Montessori offers parents a private option, admitting children from toddler through elementary, on a convenient, 2-acre campus.