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The area known as Trestle Glen is an upscale residential neighborhood straddling Highway 580 just south of Lakeshore near Lake Merritt. The curvilinear thoroughfares of this serene neighborhood were patterned on earlier 20th century garden suburbs. Beautiful, historic luxury homes nestle in the hills surrounding picturesque, winding streets. Most were built shortly before The Great Depression, and along with the stunning greenery of the neighborhood and lush gardens, feel well-tended and loved by those who call this neighborhood home. One has a distinct feeling of discovery turning each corner of this quiet neighborhood. A renovated Craftsman Bungalow might perch far above the road, with long stairs leading to a shady front porch; another lane might flatten out to provide a different view of wood-beam ribbed Tudors with big, paned windows and sharply peaked roofs. Other areas blend Mission Revival architecture, with its terracotta tiled roofs, amidst large, classic manors tucked back on million dollar properties of hilly, irregular landscapes. Many of the homes have broad back lawns with leafy rows of trees to create privacy. The home-design adaptations to the peculiarities of the terrain have a pleasing effect. There is a sense of elegant beauty to Trestle Glen that is perfect for families and couples who value peaceful serenity, away from the bustle. Trestle Glen is named after a railroad trestle built in 1893, which was dismantled in 1906 when the line was rerouted. This railroad line ran along Trestle Glen Creek (now mostly underground), originally named Indian Gulch by early settlers in reference to the native Ohlone village that resided near what is now the intersesction of Lakeshore and Trestle Glen Road. The streetcar was instrumental in spurring the development of residential neighborhoods in the area, and Mark Twain was a famed passenger on its maiden voyage.

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Trestle Glen lies east of the popular Lakeshore Avenue, just north of I-580, bounded by Windsor Avenue, and Park Blvd at the eastern edge. Considered by some to be one of the hidden gems of Oakland, this very desirable neighborhood is demarcated by ornate wrought-iron columns at the edge of Lakeshore's shopping district. Its boundaries then run along a small section of Piedmont and end at Park Boulevard where the Glenview District begins. Though a distinct neighborhood in its own right, Trestle Glen is regarded as part of Crocker Highlands and the Lakeshore Homeowners Association, and homes in Trestle Glen are typically assigned to Crocker Highlands Elementary and Edna Brewer Middle schools. The area is almost exclusively a residential district, but shares in the easy walkability to the Lakeshore and Grand Lake area for shopping at the bottom of the hill, and the smaller Glenview shopping district along Park Blvd at the top of the hill, with its cafes, services, and several exceptional restaurants. Easy access to I-580 to the south or Highway 13 at the top of Park Blvd make for short driving commutes, and excellent weekday AC Transit service to downtown Oakland and BART make for a painless weekday commuting routine via public transportation.


You’ll often see people carrying home baskets filled with bread and fresh flowers as they return from the Lakeshore or Glenview business districts. Both shopping areas are easy to access by foot for Trestle Glen residents, and are full of local treasures such as independent booksellers and clothing boutiques, furniture and antiques, the cooperative Arizmendi bakery and cafe, and the convenience of a well-stocked Trader Joe’s for groceries. On Saturdays, an excellent Farmer’s Market comes to the plaza across from the Grand Lake Theatre, where first-run blockbusters to quirky independent films screen daily inside one of the East Bay's most iconic film venues. Just a little bit farther afield, but still well within strolling distance, the charms of Lake Merritt's waterfront, and more entertainment and restaurants along Grand Avenue await exploration. At the Park Blvd end of Trestle Glen are several churches and a synagogue, and a couple of day care centers near the border with Piedmont. The strip of small stores and restaurants on Park Blvd in what is known as Glenview has several excellent restaurants—the wonderful Italian cuisine and wine bar at Bellanico, coffee, pastries, sandwiches and sunny window seating at Ultimate Grounds Et Al, and the just-opened but already acclaimed Paulista Brazillian Kitchen and Taproom (which also opens at 7am for a great, kid-friendly space to get wifi and coffee).


This family-oriented neighborhood includes several very strong public schools, making it a desirable real estate location to buy and sell homes. Edna Brewer Middle School, as one example, is applauded by local residents for an administration known to go the extra distance to keep parents involved. The school's student clubs and organizations keep morale positive and help protect students from things like bullying—there are numerous examples of progressive, school-approved student organizations, such as a gay awareness organization and various cultural clubs on campus. Crocker Highlands Elementary (the school technically lies just outside Trestle Glen, but serves resident families) is also given high marks. Locals vouch for both schools' appeal amongst the community.

Two elaborately carved iron gates still stand at the entrance to the Trestle Glen neighborhood. Located at the meeting of Trestle Glen and Lakeshore Avenue, they resemble the iron gates at the entrance to the University of California which is known as Sather Gate.  There is a reason for that similarity--both were donated by the Sather Family who owned the land now called Trestle Glen from the 1820's. 

The land was used as a park, until a trolley system developed to attract future homeowners and commuters to the area was built, and a trestle was built over the Trestle Glen Canyon to complete a connection to the Oakland foothills along Park Boulevard where all kinds of new housing was being built.

The original concept for the neighborhood was elegance and originality.  A wide variety of architects contributed unique and creative concepts to the homes located along the gracefully curving streets.  Being adjacent to Piedmont, and to Oakland's equally handsome Crocker Highlands neighborhood, it attracted many who wished to emulate its Mediterranean villa and English manor house styles.  Large lawns and landscaping add to the warmth of the area.  Its highly rated school also attracts many families to the area, as does the very active and varied shopping along Lakeshore and Grand Lake Avenues.