NBC 11 Story on Oakland Real Estate and The Internet

This video was aired 5/4/2009 on San Jose's NBC 11 about the link between technology, the Internet and East Bay Real Estate


NBC --For the first time in a long time real estate markets in some areas are starting to move. For real estate agents who want to catch the wave, technology can be the edge that helps you close the deal.

Like any good real estate agent, Bruce Wagg puts the leather to the pavement, and while he spends plenty of time checking out houses on the market, it's what he does back at the office that sets him apart.

Bruce streams through social networking websites to bring him new exposure and new clients.

"If I'm doing this through Twitter, Facebook, Meebo, or my own internet site, I want to get my name out there as much as possible," he explained.

In a short time, Bruce has seen the information found here online translate into success in his business, because in a housing market just starting to come out of its shell your email, your phone and even your twitter account, can help close a deal.