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The University of California, Berkeley is, and has for many years, been among the top 10 rated universities in the nation. It is the site of years and years of graduate and undergraduate research that has has advanced information about everything from medicine and nuclear science,  to agronomy and botany.   It was chartered in 1868, and the main campus is comprised of 1,232 acres up and down the gentle rolling hills and tree lined streets above the city. Read More

Berkeley Real Estate Near Univ. Of Calif.

There is a high demand among students from all over the world to attend, and presently there are a bit over 36 000 students, 2/3rds of which are undergraduates.  As a center for in depth study in education, it houses three large, central libraries, the Moffitt, the Doe and the Bancroft libraries.  In conjunction with these, there are 24 subsection speciality libraries, and when other smaller unit libraries are added, an estimated 9 million books are stored on campus. 

Known for its iconic Campanile, and Sather Gate, its classically designed Greek Theater, the handsome Hearst Mining Building, Wheeler Hall, and the huge Memorial Stadium, the University's architectural heritage is confirmed and remembered by students past and present.