Homes on Alameda's South Shore

While much of Alameda is known for its classical Victorian era and 1920's style Spanish stucco homes and apartments, Alameda's South Shore represented a big step forward in home design on the island.  Built in the 1950's and 1960's on landfill that extended out into the SF bay from the original sea walls, it featured mid-century modern and ranch style homes, and larger apartment complexes.  South Shore Center,  an adjacent shopping complex, was also built to serve the needs of the new residents, as well as those on the island of Alameda and adjacent Bay Farm Island.

Alameda's South Shore Homes and Condos

When most residents think of South Shore, they think of beaches.  The area fronts on San Francisco Bay, and Crown Memorial State Beach draws visitors from all over the area.  The other common response is that of South Shore Center.  Although things are changing now, for a while, this center was the only source of larger stores on the island.  While downtown central Alameda has smaller home town stores and restaurants, the center has gained more and more popularity, enhanced by its recent upgrading over the last 5 years.