Alameda Townhomes For Sale

Even though Alameda is a small town neighbor to nearby Oakland, it has an amazing variety of townhomes available for sale.  No matter which part of the compass you select, you will be able to find something that appeals to you, whether you choose price or design, or both.  

Townhomes For Sale in Alameda

 The major growth of townhomes in Alameda began with the development of Bay Farm Island/Harbor Bay,  which still represents the source of most of them today.  That is about to change, however, as new growth has once again come to this cozy city.  

At the northwestern tip of Alameda, the mixed use neighborhood of Alameda Landing is coming to completion.  Here, Symmetry Townhomes are being built, sharing the site with Linear Condominiums and Cadence Homes with the final goal of up to 300 units of housing upon completion.  

Soon that will include townhomes will be Star Harbor at Encinal Basin--just east of Alameda Landing. Yet another new development, very close by near Fortman Basin, and now available for purchase, are the luxury customized townhomes at Marina Shores Towns.