Upper Rockridge Homes For Sale

With its tranquil, gorgeous estates dotting the hills above the popular commercial district of lower Rockridge, Upper Rockridge is definitely one of the most coveted neighborhoods in the east bay. Close to everything and yet much quieter than lower Rockridge, it is understandable why residents are so proud of their neighborhood. The million dollar and multi million dollar homes of this hillside refuge feel almost hidden away; yet Upper Rockridge is a convenient, urban setting with all the amenities. These are attractive, luxurious homes that maintain value for the long haul. After the 1991 Oakland Hills Fire Storm, some of northern California's premier builders and architects lent their talents to rebuilding this devastated neighborhood. The nearly blank canvas after the fire allowed them to create grand homes of unmatched scale, with spectacular views of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, Mt. Tamalpais and the entire bay. Upper Rockridge has homes and lot sizes that tend to be more spacious than those of lower Rockridge. Upper Rockridge residents enjoy countless public pathways that run throughout the area, which is hilly but not too steep. These scenic trails offer a quick way to get some exercise, as well as a great way to experience your neighborhood from a unique perspective. All of Rockridge, both upper and lower, is named for the large outcroppings of rock at the northern end of the long shutter ridge which encloses the length of the valley in which the Montclair district of Oakland is situated. An example of this rock can be seen at the abandoned quarry adjacent to the Rockridge Shopping Center on Pleasant Valley Road. Prior to the construction of the shopping center in the late 1960s, the Broadway end of the property was home to a used car lot. The quarry itself remained in operation through the 1950s. It is now used as a reservoir for the Claremont Country Club.

Upper Rockridge Real Estate in Oakland



Upper Rockridge is located in the Oakland Hills south of Highway 24 and below Highway 13.  The winding streets of this affluent neighborhood run just above Broadway, and wrap around the top of Mountain View Cemetery and the Claremont Country Club. Upper Rockridge residents are only minutes from the popular Rockridge Shopping District along College Avenue, as well as the small town pleasures of Montclair Village. For quick shopping trips, most residents stop by The Village Market, a charming grocery store at the intersection of Broadway Terrace and Clarewood Drive. For commuting to the city and easy public transportation to both OAK and SFO airports, Rockridge BART is a safe and convenient station, with ample paid parking (free after 3pm weekdays, and on weekends). Additionally, the nearby Lower Rockridge and Hiller Highlands neighborhoods each offer their own architectural and historical ambiance to the Upper Rockridge area. 


Lake Temescal is a lovely place for a walk or picnic, as well as swimming in the summer months. In addition to the abundant choices for entertainment and eating out in various surrounding neighborhoods, Montclair village offers a quaint nearby shopping district with every amenity. For Upper Rockridge residents, it provides quick access to several supermarkets (Lucky and Safeway), plenty of street parking, and walk-in branches for most major banks, notable for providing friendly service with a small-town feel. There are no less than four coffee and tea shops in Montclair village, both the requisite Starbucks and Peet's, as well as delightful alternatives such as Sophie's Cuppa Tea and Nelly's Java. On Sunday mornings a vibrant farmer's market takes over the block of LaSalle between Mountain Boulevard and Moraga Avenue, and many families and neighbors use it as a time to chat and wander, meet up with friends, and buy fresh, organic produce.


Upper Rockridge includes several highly ranked public schools, making it an extremely desirable real estate location to buy and sell homes. As part of the OUSD, this neighborhood is home to both Chabot Elementary and Hillcrest School, both among the best the Oakland school system has to offer. The area is also home to several of the regions best private schools: College Preparatory School (CPS) in Upper Rockridge, and The Bentley School, on the other side of Highway 24 at the bottom of Hiller Highlands.