Investment Income Properties In Alameda

The city of Alameda is distinctive in that it is the only island community in the SF Bay area.  Small and compact, its real estate represents unique periods in its history, and all of this history is focused within few short miles.  The residential income properties reflect this history as well.  

Listings of Alameda Residential Income Properties

Much of the residential income housing is found on the western side of the island, and was constructed to meet the needs of the Naval personnel that rotated on and off the large Naval Air Station that was once there. As the city expanded to the east, more multiple family dwellings--duplexes and fourplexes--became a popular use for the limited amount of land available, and they are found throughout the island, but generally west of Broadway.   

Alameda has always been a popular city for its small town family atmosphere, and its many homes, apartment complexes, and income properties reflect the steady need for a comfortable place to live by residents now, and in the future.