Concord Investment Properties 

Concord residential income properties, as might be expected, follow the architectural trends of the single family homes around them,  and the era in which they were built.  The city of Concord has a wealth of individual neighborhoods, (more than 25) and takes up 17 square miles, so it is difficult to generalize as to where to find these homes, and what they look might look like.  

Concord Income and Investment Listings

It is more realistic to describe what might be expected from the common styles of the era during which Concord experienced its most growth.  As with many homes, duplexes and fourplexes, the major growth came at the latter part of the 20th century, and much of it in the 1960's.  The style is mainly Ranch Style with modern, Spanish and Mediterranean styles added on or mixed in.  Multiple family dwellings were a bit more classical in design due to their function, but, like the single family homes, featured pleasant gardens, quiet patios, lots of shade trees and grass, and often a pool, depending on location.