Glenview Homes for Sale

Glenview is truly a "home town neighborhood". At it's heart is the little jewel of a shopping center that encompasses everything that one would need for a simple jaunt to the corner store.  Residents walk or bike down to the center and have a rich cup of coffee and a scone, or a leisurely lunch or dinner at one of many well rated restaurants.  Whether you need a new key for an antique desk, or a quick jaunt to the grocery, you will find it there, and meet your neighbors while shopping for it! [Read more about Glenview...]

Glenview Real Estate

Glenview is one of many neighborhoods located along Park Boulevard.  Before development came to the area, this boulevard was a main thoroughfare used by lumbermen to haul trees down to the edge of Lake Merritt  from the Oakland hills in the immediately adjacent Trestle Glen neighborhood.  Later, the Key System trolleys brought commuters comfortably home up the same street. The style of homes reflects the active growth period enjoyed by Glenview during the 1920-30's.

What once were ranchlands, now saw homes designed with  Spanish stucco arches and walls, arts and crafts style wood shingle homes, and roomy bungalows with pleasant front porches.  Tall shade trees complete the picture this small town neighborhood tucked away in a larger urban setting. The nearby Oakmore neighborhood continues this architectural pattern, making the whole area a handsome place to live. [ Back To Top of Glenview  page]