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The eclectic Millsmont neighborhood, also known as "the Oakland Foothills" encompasses the area of East Oakland to the south and east of Mills College. Chimes Creek runs through this area, and 1920s subdivision maps call it Chimes Terrace, referring to both the creek's name and that one was able to hear the chimes of the nearby Mills college campanile. At the turn of the century through the twenties, Millsmont was a resort-like bedroom community, touted as a place to get away from the frenetic pace of San Francisco. Heavily wooded, many of the homes were built as weekend getaways. Quarter-acre plots—including building plans and materials for picturesque 1-bedroom dwellings—made it possible to buy houses here for only $500. One of these original, unaltered homes can still be seen at the northeast corner of Edgemoor and Sunnymere. Today, this is an eclectic neighborhood of first-time homeowners mingled with long-established residents, as well as students, faculty, and staff from Mills College. This hilly neighborhood is tucked conveniently between I-580 and the flatlands of East Oakland, but there is a decidedly rural feel to these tree and heather-covered ridges. The homes are often modest 2-bedrooms with simple architectural styling, yet many have spectacular 180-degree bay views looking over Oakland and Alameda, reaching to the water and city beyond, rivaling what one might see from the decks of multi million dollar homes in more expensive east bay neighborhoods. The real estate here is diverse: modernist split-levels and shingled ranch styles are common, as are stucco mini-castles filled with iconic design details inside and out. While the median home price here trends lower than Oakland overall, it is a neighborhood on the upswing. Savvy homebuyers can get more house, more land, and more view for their money in this area than in just about any other East Bay neighborhood. And as far as quality of life, inhabitants give Millsmont high marks for neighborliness. Prepare to be greeted with a smile when passing neighbors on foot, and to be treated with respect by other drivers.

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Seminary Avenue is considered the northern border, and Edwards Avenue is the approximate southern border of Millsmont. MacArthur Boulevard is the border to the west, and I-580 between the Seminary and Edwards Avenue exits to the east. It is adjacent to Mills College, Leona Heights, Maxwell Park and just southwest of the spot where Highway 13 and the MacArthur Freeway (I-580) come together. The proximity of the freeway allows for a relatively quick car ride to the Laurel district or Montclair for grocery shopping and services. The trade-off for the lovely rural feeling of living along this scenic ridge is that—while a walk in the hills is wonderful—there isn't any commercial district within walking distance, until you get all the way down to MacArthur. Residents who buy houses here don't seem to mind. A drive to work in the East Bay from Millsmont is short, easy and against the traffic. Public transportation from this neighborhood is less reliable. Although several bus lines serve schools in the Millsmont area and connect commuters to the Coliseum BART station, service can be infrequent. Having a car for getting to and from the neighborhood is definitely a desirable convenience.


The big draw to living in this area is the natural beauty and surrounding nature areas for hiking and enjoying the outstanding bay views. There are many trails in nearby Leona Canyon, and the King Estates Open Space park is less than 2 miles away. The Chimes Creek attracts abundant wildlife and birds, including wild turkeys, hawks, vultures, and owls. Two community-oriented neighborhood groups have created more connection and networking potential for Millsmont's residents. The "Millsmont" group and the Mokeridge group on Yahoo are both active online communities that help neighbors meet up, cooperate, and connect with each other. An active Facebook page for neighborhood residents also provides information about projects and upcoming events throughout the area. Past projects have included: improving neighborhood communication, coordination to enhance security (neighborhood watch), and the installation of a Little Free Library (inaugurated in 2013, at the intersection of Mokelumne and Simson). Planned projects for the future include the creation of a community garden near the Burbank Preschool Center near Outlook and MacArthur. A weekly meet-up called "Coffee@ the Curb" is a neighborhood favorite on Friday mornings, thanks to the Get Goes Mobile Cafe Truck adding Millsmont to their Friday morning route.


The nearest schools serving the Millsmont neighborhood area are Burbank Preschool Center, Burckhalter Elementary School, the Aspire Millsmont Academy charter school, Explore College Preparatory Middle School, Frick Impact Academy (a Middle School), and Oakland Unity High.