Berkeley Homes for Sale - Zip Code 94710

Berkeley's Zip Code 94710, or "West Berkeley" is an amazing combination of every kind of neighborhood element that one could want in looking for a Berkeley home. Once almost entirely industrial, it has now become an popular venue for locals and tourists alike.  Its western edge borders on San Francisco Bay at the Berkeley Marina.  The Marina is the home to numerous upscale restaurants with stunning views, a scenic marina filled with boats of every description, and walking and biking trails for every age.  Its homes along tree lined streets are quaint, and many are charmingly updated from their turn of the 20th Century history.

Berkeley Listings in Zip Code 94710


94710 is also the location of Berkeley's "Fourth Street", which is, in essence, and outdoor mall of upscale stores and restaurants offering everything from children's clothing to books, to gourmet kitchen equipment.  This is the most upscale shopping area in Berkeley, and as such, attracts shoppers from all over.