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What About Alameda Condominiums?

Alameda is an island community located on the edge of the San Francisco Bay, just across from San Francisco, and west of the city of Oakland.  Developed in the late 19th century, it still retains that flavor of small town America.  Tree lined streets, multiple neighborhood parks and playgrounds, and bike and hiking trails are found all along the scenic beaches that make up the western end of the main island.  As a result, Alameda is often called the "City of Parks and Beaches". 

As with many cities, it has different neighborhoods that have grown as the city has grown.  The first area showing the latest growth would be the far northern end of the island.  The main street, Webster, has seen and offered support for the Alameda Naval Air Station, and the very popular Neptune Beach, (now extinct)which was a Coney Island style attraction that brought people from all over the Bay area to enjoy its many rides and roller coaster. Currently, however, things are changing.  New homes at Bayport  and a spacious shopping center called Alameda Landing are being developed at the Alameda Posey Tube to meet the need for  more living and shopping space on this pleasant island.  Some of the most active condominium and townhomes are being built in this area. Additionally included is the Symmetry development, and the Linear Condos at Alameda Landing.  

Not far away, there is a gracious collection of stunningly designed Victorian homes that were built by the area's wealthier executives, bankers and financiers. As such, it was deemed "Alameda's Gold Coast", and is located around the central drive of Grand Street.   To the east of this historical area is another collection of creatively designed condominiums and townhomes in the complex at Marina Village complex.  Pleasant waterways thread their way through this area, and the units are just steps from the scenic Oakland/Alameda estuary.  

Moving from the east side of the island to the western edge, more condominiums can be found along the handsome beachfront at Alameda's South Shore. Sitting on the edge of the water, this area is reminiscent of any holiday resort.  

The central core of Alameda's growth developed steadily, and was anchored by the other large commercial street--Park Street which ends at South Shore and South Shore Shopping Center.  

Most of this part of Alameda is apartment and single family residence living.  However, not far away, just to the south and west across a handsome bridge is a smaller part of Alameda called Bay Farm Island   Once a site for truck farms, it is now a fully developed residential area that offers private homes, townhomes and condominiums.  A portion of the island underwent development and is called Harbor Bay, and homes for sale are included in the link above.  

In summary, there is a wide range of condominiums available in Alameda, and a promise of more to come.  

Condominiums in Alameda

Where Is Alameda?

Alameda is an island located a bit south and west of the large metropolitan complex of Oakland, and just across the Bay from San Francisco.  It has a smaller island adjacent to it called Bay Farm Island on which have been developed many homes and townhomes, and as such, is primarily residential in nature.  

Because of its location, Alameda it is just moments from the 880 freeway. This very comprehensive freeway system allows access south to parts of Oakland, and San Leandro, and, for sports fans, to the nearby Oakland Alameda Coliseum Complex--home of the NBA Champs-The Golden State Warriors.  Also a big draw there are the popular Oakland Raiders and exciting Oakland Athletics.  Going north on 880 provides a direct route to San Francisco, and all the many attractions of that sophisticated city.  Going east takes one to Oakland, and then on the the many shopping and outdoor venues of things to do in Lafayette and Walnut Creek.  

There is an excellent bus system throughout Alameda, and it will take riders to the super efficient Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) stations that make commuting anywhere a breeze.  

Should you want to travel out of the Bay area, the Oakland International Airport is literally moments away, and offers a wide array of continental or international flights for the traveler.    

Things To Do In Alameda

It makes sense, that since Alameda is on the water, there should be a lot of things to do related to aquatic activities.  That is certainly true in this city.  Much of the year, the milder waters of the shallow SF Bay makes swimming and wading in the waters of Shoreline Park and Crown Memorial State Beach a good choice of activities.  Nearby Crab Cove hosts family nature programs and interactive activities on a regular basis.

The once active Alameda Naval Air Station is now the site for the mighty USS Hornet aircraft carrier which offers tours regularly.  Nearby is the equally interesting Alameda Naval Air Museum. 

Not far away on Webster Street is the inviting and intriguing Pacific Pinball Museum which offers 90 playable pinball machines from the 1940's to the present.  It attracts players of all ages, and is a very colorful venue.  

Both Park and Webster streets have undergone a renovation, and the restored Art Deco style Alameda Theater has taken its place as an entertainment center in the heart of the city. Additionally, each of these main streets boast an amazing variety of ethnically diverse restaurants, plus small art shops, book stores, and other creative offerings.  

In the last few years, one of the largest additions to the city has been the dramatically revised  Alameda South Shore Center.  It offers Alamedans choices among contemporary retailers like TJ Maxx, Bed Bath and Beyond, Ross, Dress Barn and Old Navy. As such, it presents new opportunities for shopping on the island, as does the previously mentioned, slightly smaller Alameda Landing complex just off Webster Street.