My job, as your agent, is to get the best possible price when selling your Piedmont Home. To arrive at the correct price depends on many things, but one thing is certain--while the term “Location, Location, Location” is often heard as to a key element in selling your home, perhaps “Price, Price, Price” may be right up there next to it. You may be in one of the best neighborhoods in town, but if you have priced your home in such a way that no one is going to even consider buying it, you have lost your major advantage of the home’s location. To start you on your path to sell your home, I will prepare a Market Analysis for you. This will be a written presentation for you to review and consider. In this presentation, I will show you what other Piedmont homes, like yours, are selling for right now. I will choose what are called “Comparables”, or homes that are very close to your home in terms of square footage, yard, bedrooms and bathrooms, neighborhood, etc.. With this information, you can spend time analyzing just what elements seem to be the most attractive to buyers, and what seem to be less important. The Market Analysis (MA) allows you to see clearly just what is going on at this point in time, in the most current real estate market. While you may wish that your house is worth more, this information may assist you in making your marketing decisions. In fact, it is possible that you may be pleasantly surprised to find that your home might be worth more than you suspected, due to the constantly changing market. The next step, in conjunction with the MA, is to determine what you bring to the table as far as improvements and additions to your house that add additional value to the basic initial price arrived at by the analysis. Perhaps you developed a basement, added a larger patio, installed more space in the closets, or upgraded the bathrooms and kitchens. Those are all important elements that increase the value of your home to buyers. If you have the time, it would be very valuable to you to go out and actually look at the homes that are competing with your home. Even a simple drive-by will allow you to see more than any description of the house on a piece of paper can reveal. You can see the neighbors, the nearby streets, the condition of the yards and adjacent neighborhoods. How do they stack up to your area? Better or worse? When you have reviewed and considered all of this flow of valuable information, you can then make an intelligent decision as to the proper pricing of your home. Posted by Bruce Wagg on


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