You are considering selling your Oakland home.  You know that your home is in very good condition, but you are not sure about what issues might turn up with a professional home inspection.  Should you move ahead and order one before putting your home on the market?  The answer is "Yes, you should".

While this may seem an additional expense that you do not want to incur when selling your home, if you are concerned, or even curious, as to what may result from this inspection, you should make plans to order one.  The advantage of doing so puts YOU in control of the situation immediately.  Doubts are removed.  You know just where you are, and that is a good thing. 

Here are the advantages to you for doing so:

1. You can then decide what you can, and cannot, afford to fix before the sale.  Additionally, it lets you know what you will need to consider negotiating about with the buyer.

2. It allows you to make the corrections on your terms.  You will be able to hire dependable workmen who will be responsible to you, whom you can supervise, and permits you to regulate the cost of materials and the range of the repairs. 

3. It allows you, as the seller, to choose your home inspector, rather than turning that decision over to the future buyer. 

4  Probably one of the strongest reasons to move ahead with as many needed repairs as you can is the final impression that your home will make on potential buyers.  If, their first impression of your home is one that needs a long list of repairs and corrections, it will cause them to move on to others that will not be a host of problems.  Lastly, these problems detract from the many strengths that your home has to offer.

As your agent, I can assist you in making this decision, and advise you in the very best way to present your home for sale.  It will certainly make a significant difference in your final selling price.   

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