If you are like a large majority of homeowners today, you have some kind of household pet.  Statistically, it will most likely be a dog or cat, but birds, hamsters or fish are not out of the mix, as well.  When you are considering selling your Oakland or Piedmont home, you will need to make plans to deal with these animals when you hold your Open Home.  Without some preparation, these pets can create some issues for future buyers.  

Here are some suggestions to make the Open Home combine perfectly with whatever pet you may have:

1. Recognize That You May Have Pet Odors In Your Home:  You and your family have lived with your pet for a while, and you are used to the doggy or cat odors that exist.  They may be especially strong if you have more than one pet.  These odors can cause an immediate negative reaction in buyers who are not sure how difficult it will be to rid the house of this problem. Get professional advice on how to effectively refresh your house.  Your vet or pet supply store have a wide variety of useful products.  Start weeks ahead of your open home, so negative scents will be well under control by open home date.  If you have stains in your carpeting, especially if they are numerous, consider deep cleaning or fresh carpeting.  

2. Keep Your Floors Sparkling Clean, Safe, and Litter Free of Pet Items: No buyer want to step across and over squeaky cat toys or dog chews no matter what part of they house they are in.  Keeping your floors clean also ensures that those visitors with pet allergies are able to be comfortable while touring your home.  Keep all pet bedding washed and fresh, and put it away if possible during the tour, and do the same with food bowls.

3. Make Sure That All Litter Boxes Are Cleaned and Fresh, and Off The Main Touring Area: Litter box odor is one of the most pervasive of all scents, so do your best to make sure it is not present on the day of your Open Home.

4. Remove Noisy or Disruptive Pets If Possible On Open Home Day: Many pets are not used to being isolated to a garage or basement while people visit their home.  They may howl, bark, scratch, or generally be disruptive, which is not the atmosphere that you want when buyers are visiting.  Buyers want to be able to see every room in the home, and not be fearful of opening the wrong door and letting a pet out.  If there is any effective way of having them visit friends, family or neighbors, this would be a good day to do so.

 In summary, you may enjoy your pets, but your potential buyers are not coming to visit them.  




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