The last half decade has been an amazing time for growth and development of condominiums and lofts in Oakland.  Here is a current sampling: Oakland Lofts and Condos.

As your agent, I will assist you in every way to help you find the perfect choice, but here are some things that you will need to consider when making your decision as to which is best for you.  

1. Is The Location Well Suited For Your Needs?  Many condos in Oakland are downtown, in and around the Jack London waterfront area.  While this is perfect for those who enjoy walking to shops, restaurants, along scenic trails, or to handy bus, ferry or train transportation, it may be a bit too busy for others.

2. What Amenities Are Important To You?  Some condos offer gyms, pools, meeting and business sites, while others are simpler, and as a result, less expensive.  What are your priorities, and what must you have, and what can you forgo? 

3. What Parking and Storage Facilities Are Available?  Many condos offer one to two parking spaces per unit.  Some offer exterior storage, and some none at all.  By deciding these needs at the start, you can save yourself a lot of unnecessary viewing.

4. What Is The Average Vacancy Rate, and How Many Units Are Owned By Investors?  If units are empty a lot of the time, there could be a reason, and that should be determined.  The value of your resale price can be affected by the vacancy rate in the complex. Also, many condos have rules as to the total amount of renters that will be allowed into the units.

While none of these questions are difficult to answer, they do require some serious consideration for both financial and personal reasons.   

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