During the busy time looking for a new Piedmont home, every family member has his or her "wish list" of things that they would like to have in the new home, and usually a list of things that they would like to avoid if possible.  Since it can get complex with so many ideas being considered, some things get overlooked.  Here are some important "Must Haves" that should be considered by everyone:

1. The House Must Have Sufficient Storage Space--While this may seem obvious at the outset, some houses are deceptive in the amount of space that is available for use.  Some have lots of closets, larger basements with nooks and crannies everywhere, upstairs under roof space, etc., while others are old fashioned, and have a small closet in each room, and that is it.  Ask yourself if there is enough room so that precious items, collectibles, favorite family furniture, and similar items will not have to be sacrificed to move in.  If that is the case, evaluate these issues before, rather than after, you move in. 

2. The Neighborhood Must Be A "Good Fit"--Often times the major concentration is on the home itself, and the neighborhood may have issues that you might not know about without a bit of research.  That could most certainly affect everyone's comfort in the future.  To resolve this, take tour of your future neighborhood at different times of the day.  Is is deserted during the daytime working hours? Are the other homes kept clean, and free of toys or debris in the front yards?  What does it look like at night?  Is it dark and poorly lit?  Is it noisy when families return home? 

3. The Home Must Have a Reasonable Commute Pattern For All Family Members- Neighborhoods vary in traffic patterns during different times of the day.  If everyone has to get out very early each morning, make plans to come back to the home during these hours and see the nature of the commute.  It may be heavily congested at certain intersections during commute time.  You would not be able to discover that during a weekend or midday visit to the house, and that issue could cause unplanned for delays as the family leaves for work and school.   Will this be a problem?

4. The Home Must Have Sufficient Parking For All--As children grow, and begin to drive, each additional family car to the means that the need for additional parking spaces around the home will be changing. If your potential home has no driveway, or an old outdated garage that fits just one car, you will need to put this into your list of items that need consideration. 

Obviously, these are just a few items to consider as you look at a potential home, but some of them carry a bit of weight in your planning. 


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