As you begin to consider purchasing your new home, your choice of neighborhood, no matter what part of the San Francisco Bay Area tht you choose, becomes paramount.  I want to assist you in every way to find the very best home for you and your family.  It takes time to find the neighborhood that best suits your needs.  Not only do we want to find it for your use now, but we also want to have it be suitable enough so that its resale value is assured.

Here are some thing we will consider when looking for the right place to call home:

1. Does It Have Good Access to Employment, Shopping and Transit?  Will it be a hassle to drive to work everyday or to catch public transit?  Are there reasonable shopping areas nearby to meet your needs for food, clothing and other household supplies, or will you have to plan a special outing to pick these up?

2. Convenience to Recreation and Parks: When you are not working, you and your family want to be able to enjoy outdoor and recreational activities with your friends and neighbors.  It would be ideal to have these facilities nearby, and this feature will enhance your home's value as well. 

3. Quality of the Local Schools: Having your children attend a fine quality school is the goal of every parent.  This has always been one of the most important factor in choosing a home, and should be reviewed carefully before making your purchase.  You want to consider the quality of the school at the current level of attendance for your children, but also consider the quality of the upper level schools that they will ultimately be attending.  Even if you don't have children, it is worthwhile to do this research, because you will this will certainly affect your home's attractiveness should you wish to sell it in the future.

4. Zoning--Current and Future:  Much of what you can and cannot do with your home is affected by local zoning.  If you have plans to convert your home to a special use, or do extensive development, we need to check to make sure that your plans fit the zoning in your area of choice.  An example might be your plan to add an in-law or rental unit to your home.  It is best to check first so you won't be disappointed. Additionally, we need to check to see if any future events are occuring in your neighborhood that will affect the value of your home either now, or in the future.  Examples might include new road construction or housing developments that will cause dust, congestion and noise. 

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