As with any purchase, whether a car, a boat or a home, the buyer's first impressions are vitally important.  If you are considering buying an automobile, and discover it has scuffed dirty tires, scratches and dents, your first tendancy is to walk away, and look for something more suitable.  Sometimes, even a low price will not attract you, because you wonder if this much has been neglected, what else has been ignored?

This is the same thinking that will go into the buyer's consideration of your Alameda home or Alameda condo.  It is worth the time to take these few steps to prepare your home to assure that you will receive the most attention, and best offer when you sell.

Here are some suggestions that will increase buyer interest dramatically:

1. Invest In Creating a Pleasant Garden, Front Yard, and Front Porch--Even though the phrase may sound corny, having good "Curb Appeal" is mandatory.  Many potential buyers drive by homes before they contact an agent, and if the curb appeal is poor, they will keep on driving!

2. Create a Light, Airy, and Open Atmosphere in Every Room--Buyers are interested in having as much useful space as possible in their new home, so it becomes important to  remove as much excess furniture as is practical for a pleasant appearance. Additionally, have the table tops, bookcases, shelves as clean and organized as possible.  Be sure that all walkways are free of children's toys, shoes, pet beds, exercise equipment, etc.. The stress should be on allowing the new owners to evision what they can do with the home, not what you have done with it. 

3. Clean and Paint -Your goal is to have your home appear super clean, and fresh, so that buyers can imagine moving in easily.  You want to avoid having the home look as though it will have to be an improvment project from the beginning.  This is especially true when you understand that this is one of the most basic rules of showing a home, and your competition most certainly will be taking this step. 

4. Pay Attention to Details, Because the Buyers Will--You will not create the image that you want if lights won't turn on, faucets are leaking, cabinets or closet doors won't close, or pulls or handles are missing.  It causes the buyer to wonder what else you have neglected. 

Most of these steps are practical, and with a little bit of clever shopping, do not have to be expensive.  Your reward will be worth it. 


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