There are two times in particular when you may want to consider updating or upgrading your Oakland home.  The first is when you are preparing it for sale, and the second is just after you move in, and want to adapt it for your own personal needs.  While either event is an excellent time to move forward, it is important that consider your additions with respect to their future appeal. 

At one point or another, you may want to sell this home and move elsewhere.  If you have changed it to the point where it is so customized for your needs, you may have trouble convincing new buyers to consider it for their family's needs. 

1. Take Time Consider Comparable Homes When Upgrading: When you see magazine and website pictures of elaborate and expensive kitchens with granite counters and top of the line appliances, or backyards with elaborate plants, trees and patios, it is very tempting to want to incorporate those things into your home if you can afford it. The question to consider is whether you will get your money back that you have invested when you want to resell your home.  If nearby properties in your neighborhood have these things, and you are updating to make your home comparable, then then investment could be worthwhile, and you can enjoy the upgrades during your time in the home. If they don't, you may not be able to recover this invested money when you want to resell.

2. Keep Your Room Plans Flexible For Future Use: You may have a 3 bedroom home, and decide to change it to 2 bedrooms and an office.  While that may work for your present needs, keep the office format flexible enough so that it can be converted back to a bedroom for a family who would like a bedroom, instead of an office.

3. Don't Force Rooms Into Spaces Where They Don't Belong:  Spending money to create a small playroom or darkroom in some odd basement location may not be appealing to future buyers who don't want or need these additions.  These rooms often disrupt the flow and architectural design of the house, as well. 

4. Keep Maintenance Issues In Mind:  You may want to create an outstanding garden, perhaps including a fountain or hot tub, and make it a real showplace. While this certainly is an admirable goal for you, keep in mind that the time and effort to keep this showplace trimmed, cleaned and replanted may be a burden that many future families may not want to take on. 

In summary, enjoy your new home.  Invest in it wisely now, and for the future when you may want to move on. 

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