You are searching for just the right Montclair home, and have already looked at a lot of houses.  Perhaps you are getting discouraged.  What you want, you may not be able to afford, or it might not be roomy enough.  To search effectively, it is time to take a break from the many good and bad choices that you may be making, and begin to focus. Here are some tips to help:

1.DETERMINE THE "MUST HAVE" ELEMENTS FOR YOUR FUTURE HOME--This may take some time, because there may be a lot of these to start with.  But, with some serious consideration, a list will develop that isolates these items for you.  It may start with a special school district-a real "must have", or it may be a minimum of 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, or a larger backyard.  Whatever the items are, pare them down to the most basic requirements. Be sure that I, as your agent, have this list as soon as you develop it. 

2. DETERMINE THE "WOULD BE NICE" ELEMENTS--These would be things that you would love to have. Perhaps you would like to have an upgraded kitchen, hardwood floors, or granite counter tops.  These would fall into the "want, not need" category when you are searching.  These would also be things that you could add later, and add exactly to your tastes, rather than take what is presently in place. 

3.DETERMINE THE "WON'T CONSIDER" FEATURES--These are things that you absolutely, positively, do not want in your future home.  Examples might include a busy street in front, a long commute to work, no sidewalks, isolation from amenities like shopping or transportation.  This is one of the most important of the three lists that you will be making, because it will help me quickly isolate things that you don't like, and I won't waste your time showing homes that fall into these categories. 

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