The good news is that you have sold your Oakland home.  There was a lot of paperwork involved, but there is a bit more to come.  Here are some tips of steps to take to make sure that your move to your new home is trouble free.

While we have talked in the past in earlier blogs about the physical steps to packing, getting boxes, and tips in sorting out what to take, there is an equally important side to moving--notifying people that you are, in fact, moving! 

Here is the list of the most obvious people to contact as soon as you know for sure that you will be moving:

a. The Post Office--Luckily, that can be done online at, or you can fill out a form at the post office.

b. Relevant Utility Companies--Even if you are using the same utility company, work with them for a firm disconnect date, and be assured that you will be connected before you move in.

c. Your Home Owner Association or Condo Board--Check to be sure that your are in compliance with all departure rules, and, if possible, schedule a time for using the elevator or gated exits on the day of the move.

d. Financial Contacts--Make sure that your banks, credit card companies, and if necessary, Social Security are notified in plenty of time to assure yourself that  you have up to date checks and any necessary paperwork for your new address.  If you have retirement benefits, be sure to notify the firms that send them of your new location.

e. Insurance Companies--Notify them of course, but also plan ahead by calling them to determine what will be insured, and will not be insured, during your moving activities. 

f. Family and Friends and Social Organization--This will take the longest, no doubt, but it will still be well worth the effort.  This is especially important, obviously, if you are moving quite a distance away.  Having that constant contact will make the move a bit easier.  

g. Local Schools--Again, as with all things organizational, the notice should be given in plenty of time to the old schools, and early determination of future schools to be attended should be high on your agenda.

While this seems like a lot, it is really just a basic checklist that will save you future frustration if done at a determined but dedicated pace.  Enjoy your new home.  


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