In Part 1, we talked about some practical tips designed to make moving day a bit easier for your move into your new Oakland home.  In Part 2 - we will consider some simple, yet, important personal and family issues that need to be part of the same plan.

1. Consider The Impact Of The Move On The Children: It is obvious that there is going to be a great deal to do in terms of a broad array of paperwork to be signed and dealt with, plus arranging for the children to attend a new school, addressing how the new home will be decorated, what needs to be bought to complete this, and who is going to do it.  Often in all of this, no matter what their age, the children are often just asked to be patient, and to decide what they want to take with them, and just go with the flow.  No matter what their age, they are going to be a bit overwhelmed as boxes pile up in each room, especially those containing some of their more personal items.  Here are some tips:

a. Involve Them At Every Opportunity--Ask about how they want to design their new room.  Perhaps shop together so they have an active role in making their new room comfortable and welcome.  Depending on their age, they can be included in many decisions regarding the home as well--the yard, the family room, etc..  The issue is to give them a sense of having some sense of control in what can be an anxious time. 

b. Do Some Early Visiting:  Again, no matter what the age, children are more at ease when the transition is stress free.  Take some time well before the move to visit the schools that they will be attending to get familiar with the rooms, yards, and neighborhood around them.   Do the same with public facilities like parks, libraries, favorite stores, playfields, etc..  Things will not seem as strange in an new area if they know where everything is.  Obviously, plan to visit their future home as soon as possible, and arrange to make these visits positive and full of imaginative plans. 

c. Decide Where They Will Be On Moving Day:  Many older children will want to be on hand on moving day to make sure that things are placed just so by the movers.  However, the little ones (pre-school to 2nd grade) might be overwhelmed by all the activity.  Make plans well in advance to have them stay with friends and/or family that day.  The stress level all around will be remarkably less. 

d. Have Them Invite Their Old Friends Over:  If there is a possibility, and the old neighborhood is not too far away, encourage the children to bring in their friends to share their new home and room with them.  It will make them feel that they still have a connection with the old, but encourage them to be excited with the new home. 

All in all, moving is a super busy time for the adults, but often, unless well planned, the children can get left out of the equation, and, as you can see, that does not need to happen.  The transition will be so much easier with just a little bit of pre-planning.

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